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My Difficult Search of My I-Search

Posted on March 5, 2019

To be honest, I was and still am having quite a difficult time deciding what I would like to do for my I-Search essay. Every topic that pops into my head has its own pros and cons but overall I believe I have somewhat boiled down my ideas into 3 topic to choose from. Of course, these are still subject to change but they still serve as the main points I would like to center around. I had a little bit of difficulty because I could not find many things in which related to my personal life, were interesting topics to research, and did not have one easy definite answer. Also I was having a challenging time finding a topic I was not so entirely set on a singular side.

The first topic that I was thinking of was dealing with HIV/AIDS epidemic. I began researching my path down this way until I created a set of research questions in which I could build off of. I believe the best question I had came up with in this topic was in the realm of dealing with the rates of HIV/AIDS in areas with low economic status. To break this down a little bit further, I was interested in seeing what kind of circumstances affect the rates this epidemic could spread throughout the world. Of course HIV is a virus that could be transferred by any conventional means, however it is a known STD. Beyond this, it could also be transferred by blood contact so any type dirty needle or personal hygiene product could also cause a person to become contaminated. Altogether I believe this topic to be driven by the type of research I would be interested in doing.

The second topic in which I am interested in researching is whether the cost of colleges affects what type of careers a student ends up in. I have been consistently asking this question to myself from the day I began college. Everyone always talks about the prestige of an Ivy League school, but is the hype and cost of such a university really worth it? I honestly have no idea and I would love to research this topic and truly get an understanding of such rates. This would also benefit me and maybe I could personally find some things out about healthcare or something of the sorts. Right off the bat I am expecting there to be an overhype of these Ivy Schools because that’s simply a common theme in which I have been exposed to my entire life. At least I hope that’s the case and not just wishful thinking.

The final topic I have been considering for a topic is whether or not college students should have access to their textbooks through their university. I have questioned this problem for a long time because ever since the rise of etextbooks, there has been no sign of colleges pitching in to add them to their databases. If one thinks about it, it truly is the most economical way of supplying students with the academic needs of their classes in the most efficient way. A one time purchase of such information bypasses the need for an endless supply of students spending an ever exponential amount of money to access information that is already known by the professionals in their field. This is just one topic that never really made sense to me.

Altogether I do not feel as if I am in the best place to discover what topic I am doing for the I-search essay. I’m quite confused on what idea I can really build off of and what I feel would be the most interesting to me. I’m sure by this upcoming week I will have everything ironed out but until then I’m going to keep brainstorming. Who knows? I might even come back with 3 more topics.



    Hi! I really think your HIV/AIDS topic is really interesting. I think there is a good spring board there for you to get started. As you look into how these STIs work within the human body, you’ll be able to find how it affects people in different standings all across the globe. The paper could also lead you into drug abuse and even malpractice by doctors.

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