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What Stedman’s Article Taught Me!

Posted on December 3, 2018

‘Annoying Ways People Use Sources’ by Kyle D. Stedman uses driving as a metaphor to compare it to the way some people use sources in a humorous way. Following the conventions for using sources is something that can be easily followed, yet these errors are very common. Personally, I took quite a long time to understand and apply all the conventions in the right way.

The first annoyance he mentions is the ‘Armadillo Roadkill’ which includes dropping in a quote without a proper introduction. Writing my first research argument, I definitely did this error several times. Through his article, I learnt that a way to correct that is to use a signal phrase which helps guide the readers to the author’s ideas. Editing my research argument, this tip by Stedman really helped me to a great extent.

The second annoyance that Stedman states is ‘Dating Spider-Man’ which involves starting or ending a paragraph with a quote, since it feels rushed, unexplained, disjointed. The way to fix this is the similar to the previous way, by providing additional information after the quote. Going back to my research argument, I realized I did this error as well, and thus introducing and concluding my quotes is something I need to work on in my essay.

Another annoyance that Stedman mentions called ‘Am I in the Right Movie?’ involving failing to integrate a quotation into the grammar of the preceding sentence. Irregular consistence in grammatical patterns is something that I tend to do. Stedman’s solution of proof-reading and reading the essay aloud really helped me notice the irregular transitions.

These three annoyances that Stedman mentions are the ones I tend to do a lot, and so reading about the ways I could revise my research article by getting rid of these errors greatly helped me in the editing process.

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