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How the Peer-Review helped me!

Posted on October 18, 2018


After several rough drafts and attempts at making my first rhetorical essay a good one, I was beginning to look at my essay from only my point of view. I had read Morrison’s speech, “Be Your Own Story”, but what about someone who had not read her speech? Would they still understand my rhetorical analysis? Would they be confused because of no backstory or did my rhetorical essay succeed in mentioning all the important details of her speech? But at the same time, my essay could not involve summarizing, since that would lead to deviation from the purpose of my rhetorical analysis. Was the main thesis of my rhetorical analysis as evident to an outside reader as it seemed to me? Did the topic sentences of each of my paragraphs manage to expand my thesis? Do my paragraphs have a logical order, and if not, was there some way I could improve it for better comprehension? Did the conclusion of my essay keep the reader thinking? All these questions raised in my mind and I knew I needed a second non – biased opinion. Thankfully, this was done by the peer review in class. My classmate helped provide a point of view on my rhetorical analysis, much different from that of mine. She helped answer few questions that I was wondering about, regarding how to improve my essay. She presented a side of the essay that was communicated to her through my words, that I was not aware of. I definitely needed a second opinion on my essay, to help me look at my own essay as a reader. Now I know all the parts of my essay that I need to work on, as well as all the parts of my essay that managed to be successfully communicated to the reader. I know the weakness and strengths of my rhetorical analysis, which further helps me work on my weak points, as well as strengthen my strong points even more. Knowing an outsider’s view on my essay and thereby, being able to improve it; I feel one step closer towards my final draft!

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