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To Brainwashed!!!

Posted on February 8, 2018

In the very beginning of the graphic novel, I really liked the character Hero due to her own sense of empowerment and belonging. At first, it was like she demanded people’s presence because her character was so out there and strong I would say, she seemed like a role model because she carried herself with confidence and no one was able to take that away from her at all. Yet as the book progressed, I was amazed how she was depicted and how weak she became as a whole.

When she joined the Amazons, I thought she was going to save her brother and protect him because she is just a strong woman herself, and I thought that she cared for him, which in the beginning I thought that’s why she joined.

As the development of her character developed, I was completely shocked at how weak and submissive she was towards Victoria. It was like Hero became completely co-dependent of Victoria and needed her validate in a way to feel like she was doing the right thing, which wasn’t. Hero became so brainwashed that she did not realize how her actions had an impact. It is like her being apart of the Daughters of the Amazons made her forget her morals and rational thinking. For example, when she killed the girl because Victoria told her to consider that the girl disrespected her, Hero showed that she was submissive and needed the validation and approval of Victoria. Over the novel, you see the importance that Hero gave to Victoria to determine who she is and how she acts because she became dependent on her. This made me think of how people around an individual can influence that person and shape who they are in a way similar to how Victoria manipulated hero and changed her as a person.

I found it very important on how the development of Hero’s character was created in the novel because as a reader, I was able to see the value that  an individual gave to others and how that can affect individual personality and mental health, similar to how Hero gave into what Victoria was saying and allowed Victoria have that power over her.  I was amazed how Hero was a different person at the end. She gave into the ideas and beliefs that Victoria gave her. Yet as the story developed,  the reader can see that she was traumatized by what happened, causing to her be in a vulnerable state and Victoria gave her answers, not the most reasonable answers, to what just happened, giving her a sense of clarification. Victoria gave those answers and explanations that filled that emptiness that Hero felt, which kept Hero believing in what Victoria told her even after she died.


  1. Jessica Hautsch

    I really like this post. You do a nice job of tracking Hero’s development and considering some of the factors that might have contributed to it. I hope that our discussion in class about Hero, and the characteristics of a cult that we looks at, helped you to understand Hero and why she was so susceptible to Victoria’s manipulation.

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