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  • One of the main things that I feel that this movie does perfectly is the use of sound effects to make the audience on edge overall, for everything that was off-putting had an aftersound that made the movie even […]

    • Great discussion of language in this film. Since his time on Key and Peele, Peele has been interested in language and code-switching (changing back and forth between African America English and Standardized (white) American English. Language is a way to mark identity and community, and Chris attempts to use AAE to interact with Walter and Logan. When they don’t respond in kind, which means that they linguistically marked as outside of his community. Also, great observation about some of the film’s, perhaps unintentional, implications about interracial relationships.

  • Nayarit wrote a new post, A Cold World!! 3 months ago

    I find it completely interesting on the way that the play is being developed overall because, act 1, you would assume that the robbery was all talk due to the characterization of the characters, you believe that […]

    • You do a good job of arguing that the sexual connotations of “fucking” are linked to the predator/prey relationship between salesmen and their costumers. How do you see playing out in Act Two? The fact that you mention women is interesting, as well. How many female characters are in the play? Why do you think that Mamet made this representation of sales so male dominated?

  • Nayarit wrote a new post, Class 3 months, 2 weeks ago

    While reading these short stories, I realize it was all based on their class and social construct that they are. I have read ” The Garden Party,” so many times before and it gave me a bitter taste this time I read […]

  • I really did enjoy Amy Tan’s piece,”Fish cheeks,” because it really does convey a lesson in the story. Like Tan as a girl just wanted to be like everyone around her, yet she didn’t realize by doing so she, herself […]

  • I really liked both Brent Staples and Richard Wright story because it was a vivid storytelling that made me feel the treatment and the way they were feeling at that moment in time. With Brent Staples, I really […]

    • Wright’s opening paragraph is incredibly powerful because of the vivid imagery it includes. Good observation about Staples taking responsibility for the prejudices of white people, which we see enacted in the solution he develops. (Also, it is worth noting that he was born in 1951; he is writing in the 80s, so not all that long ago). I agree that Dee is a complicated character and she is difficult to like. How do you think the story might be different if it were from her perspective?

  • I am a bit confused on what Coetzee tried to do with ending the novel the way it did? Was to question the future ahead considering that things are uncurrent and leave it up to the reader to believe if the lesson […]

    • I understand your confusion at the end of the novel. The story doesn’t do things that we expect a story to do. I hope that our class discussions might be helpful in clearing some things up. I think you are right to question how much hope we can read into the ending of the novel; it leaves us in a state of narrative suspension, and it is hard to predict what will happen next.

  • Nayarit wrote a new post, Wrong! 5 months ago

    I am not really understanding the book at all. I see the allegory that it has and all, but I guess I don’t like how it shaped the protagonist through the whole story. I really don’t like his character development […]

    • I agree that the magistrate is a difficult character to like, and I’m pretty sure that was Coetzee’s intention. I understand your reaction to him having sex with the barbarian girl–what did you make of the fact that she was the one who initiated intimacies. Your observations about his torture are also interesting. He has been a bystander to the evils of the empire, and now he is forced to experience them.

  • In the very beginning of the graphic novel, I really liked the character Hero due to her own sense of empowerment and belonging. At first, it was like she demanded people’s presence because her character was so o […]

    • I really like this post. You do a nice job of tracking Hero’s development and considering some of the factors that might have contributed to it. I hope that our discussion in class about Hero, and the characteristics of a cult that we looks at, helped you to understand Hero and why she was so susceptible to Victoria’s manipulation.

  • When I approach this graphic novel, “The Last Man,” I approach it with a negative attitude, but as I kept reading I realize how interesting the concepts were within the novel. One of the main things that were cle […]

    • Very nice job analyzing the what this graphic novel is attempting to convey about gender roles and inequality. I agree that the statistics Vaughan includes helps to highlight the gender inequality he is discussing through this graphic novel. I also really like your analysis of Yorick’s character. His decision to look for Beth is selfish (and also extremely irrational).

  • In the passage called “ A Sorrowful Woman,” by Gail Godwin is about a woman that is so depressed that she cannot take care of the house and her family in general, the sight of them makes her “so sad and sick” […]

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