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Posted on July 13, 2017

The second half of Y: The Last Man seemed to spark some questions about the reasoning for some of the characters’ actions. Along with this, is the question of how Yorrick’s sister became part of the Amazons and why she did so. It seemed like Hero was reluctant about trying to kill Yorrick when Victoria proposed the idea. It is like she has a split personality at this time, especially when she interrogates the thieves who assaulted Yorrick, Dr. Mann, and Agent 355 and tells them she is her brother. Also, her love for her brother can be questioned because she quickly snaps out of her sentimentality and obtains the mindset of killing Yorrick. While she strives to help the Amazons, Yorrick had good ideals of what his sister was doing and what kind of person she is. Not only can Hero be questioned but Yorrick can be questioned as well. He claimed that he was faithful to Beth but then he went on to kiss Sonia and show affection to her. He wanted to attend her funeral and had deep feelings for her after knowing her for such a short time. Regarding Sonia, it seemed like her loyalty did not lie deep with the women of Marrisville as she revealed their secret to Yorrick after such little time. She was even instructed not to and the ramifications if she did but she did so anyway. I’m not too sure exactly how they harbored such feelings for each other after just meeting each other. I think Sonia may just have been desperate for a man’s attention since there were none in Marrisville. Along with this, Yorrick may have wanted a female’s attention as well since Beth was away in Australia for quite some time. These seem to be the major contributing factors in the decisions these characters made and they all are questionable regarding their justification.


  1. Jessica Hautsch

    Sonia is an interesting character. She does seem to have chemistry with Yorick (their bonding over David Bowie lyrics is compelling enough for me), but her decision to reveal the truth about Marrisville is questionable. She does betray the confidence of all of the other women in the town.
    Hero’s character also brings up the question of loyalty. Why do you think her loyalties shifted from her brother Yorick to Victoria and the other Amazons?

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