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Posted on January 23, 2018

“The Story of An Hour” took many turns. Predicting Mrs.Mallard was later going to die as she is affiliated with a heart disease; however, I was shock at the ending.


We are first encountered with the news that Mrs.Mallard died and a sense of sorrow. I predicted Mrs.Mallard’s death as she is left alone in the world without her husband, she must have been sad and burdened by the new. Ironically, she felt more free. “Free, free, free!” meaning a sense of burden has been lifted from her. Feeling free for the first time in forever, she was full of excitement. This excitement will later kill her life from a heart attack. Though the story ends in a tragedy, we can see that Mrs.Mallard’s battle with her history is long gone as she dies in joy.


In “A Sorrowful Woman” there were many turns. Still left with question about the reading, I have concluded the story is about the journey in battling depression for the mother.


Throughout the story, Gail Godwin describes the mother’s view onto the world with the color grey. In most scenarios the color grey is associated with lose, hopelessness, and depression. Unable to be in the face of her children’s life, the mother depended on her husband a lot. In the story we see a separation between the wife and family. With improvement an incident occurring enforcing her to lock herself in a world of isolation as she communicates through paper. The author put in repetition as if their lives were very structured. The daily doses of sleeping drug and daily notes, it seemed like she needed a fixed structure to continue on. Though even with a fixed schedule she didn’t feel her involvement in the family was not enough. She was burdened with the role as mother for her family.


Gail Godwin gives several advices through his descriptions in the story. Through the help of her husband in the story, we can infer that in order to have a family to function the right way there needs to be mutual respect. In the face of depression, the husband is understanding and does his role as “husband” to care and nurture her. He also takes in the role for explaining the situation to their son. Throughout the story the husband only cared for her and treated her to whatever she needed. As she encountered need circumstance he always found solution. I believe that Godwin is trying to interpret that in situation with sorrow and depression, there must be support as they continue to fight their battle. With given space and continuous support as the main roles to battle depression.



  1. Jessica Hautsch

    Good discussion of “A Story of an Hour.” Although Chopin does foreshadow Louise Mallard’s death, I agree that the ending is a surprise. You do a good job of discussing the irony of her reaction to her husband’s death. Great close reading of “A Sorrowful Woman.” I like that you are considering the significance of the color grey. What do you think of the husband in this story. Does he seem like a believable character?

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