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Posted on December 7, 2017

Ok so in my last blog post I did not complain but now I am back. So I just don’t know why professors love to give so much work at the same time. I swear they just sit around in a big table and dicuss how they all are going to give us work at the same time. I mean I wasn’t all that suprised to be getting a lot of work but why it gotta be at the same time. Why? I had to do three essays at once. I now know what torture feels like after going through this. Honestly I still am. I had essays in my journalism class, AIM clas and writing 102 class. I can’t even breath with all these essays. I mean I also have to blame myself because I have really poor management skills. I was procrastinating a lot so thats why they all fell onto me and I had to finish them in a short time period, but still that’s like 0.001% my fault. I can’t even right essays that well in my opinion. I always second guess myself so I feel like they never turn out good and I had three of them to handle at one time. What’s worse is that in my writing 102 class I have to prepare a portfolio. I have to make sure that all three esays we wrote this semseter for that class is perfect. I have to reread, make revisions, all that funstuff and the portfolio is online so I have to make sure that it’s all online and that eveything looks sexy. Ou can’t forget the cover letter.  Feel like hat’s another essay in itself. Wow college is hard. Three essays at once. I did not expect this happen. Hopefully I can cluth all of this and get some good grades

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