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Posted on December 7, 2017

I feel like a lot of my blogs have to do with me complaining about something, but this timw I will try not to do that. Im gonna talk about somthing I like which is baskeball. This NBA season is definitely fun to watch with a bunch of teams that look different from last season witht he addition of new players. I have three favorite teams in the NBA. The first is the Clevland Cavaliers. I only like that team now becasue my favorite player, Dwyane Wade, is on the Cavs now. He comes off the bench now. He has never done that before becasue he is a great player. When I first heard about it I was. How can you put him on the bench like that? I’m not complaining now though becasue the Cavs are on a 12 game winning streak right now. In the earlier parts of the season they were doing real bad. Losing games to opponenets that they should be able to beat. They were getting me mad but it’s all ok now.

Dwyane Wade started played his first 13 seasons with the Miami Heat bringing them 3 championships. Although he has left I still like the Heat. They haven’t had a great season. Theya re really inconsistent. Win 1 game then lose 2 then win 2 then lose . This has to stop like right now. They need to make the playoffs. They not gonna the championship because they don’t have a championship team right now but they still need to do good.

Lastly I am a fan of the new look Timberwolves becasue they now have my third favorite player Jimmy Butler. He definitely makes them better. The Timberwolves have two great young stars in Karl Anthony Towns and Andrew Wiggins who both average 20+ poinyts last year. Then you add Butler who also average 20+ points. Not only that but you add Jamal Crawford a 3 time 6th man of the year player. Although he comes off the bench he is a scoring machine and that’ts why he is valuable and has won this award three times. The you add Taj Gibson who is great at rebounding and cutting to the basket and Jeff Teague who is an all star point guard. If you can’t tell from what I wrote now that this team is awesome then you should just stop reading right now. They haven’t made the playoffs in forever and I am confident that they will be great this season.

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