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Posted on September 4, 2018

The article “The Case Against Grades” by Alfie Kohn has been my mind a lot these past few days, Kohn mentioned some very valid points. Grades affect the way we view education, especially in high school where we feel forced to go and hate going to school, I believe that goes back to grading and the constant pressure that we have to get good grades. A change in our grading system is necessary, but i don’t see a solution to this. Every solution mentioned by Kohn seems unrealistic especially in large classes where you have 300+ students. I believe that conferences with each student would be a mess in this case, but in the case of small classes it would be a very nice change in the way we grade students. The student would know exactly what they did right or wrong an would try to improve their paper. We often see a bad grade on our paper but ignore or don’t pay attention to what we did wrong. We just feel bad about the grade and that defeats the whole purpose of education where you should be allowed to make mistakes and learn from them without feeling bad about it.


  1. PODAS

    I completely agree with your views. Trying and improving your understanding and knowledge of a subject is a more positive outlook rather than just being upset over poor grades. Since, at the end of the day students go to school for increasing their knowledge and thinking abilities.

  2. Shail_0526

    @moaljarrash: I very much agree with what you have to say. In the long run we would have to work together as a community and find a solution to in order to bring about a better system when evaluating large classes. It will take time but it will surely come. Also the last two sentences are very relatable. I guess it is more of psychological phenomenon here. It is grades these days that please our parents, our teachers and we are made to think that grades are the most important thing rather than what we are learning.

  3. angao

    Your opinion brings me to another prospective of this article, when I read it, I barely think about this side. I agree with you that having a conference with every student from class when the class is in the large size. I can’t agree more with you in the last sentence, grades are not the only way to examine our abilities, but we should pay attention on why we are receiving the bad grades.

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