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What stumbles me the most when it comes to writing? : Wordy sentences and Vague words

Posted on November 29, 2018

When it comes to writing there is no doubt that we all have elements we could improve on. For me it is wordy sentences and vague words. I often have too many ideas that I want to write about and they all just spill onto my paper. The reason that this is a problem is because even though there can be a lot of good information in my sentences, it can be a lot to present to the readers at one time. Hence, what I have done to improve my writing is by eliminating synonyms of words that I may have next to each. For example, sometimes I can write things like “I decreased the amount of cookies by subtracting a few from the dish.” In this sentence I am saying that the number decreased in two different ways. Instead I could say something like, “I took cookies off the dish.” It is more concise, it is straight forward and I am getting my point across. Alternatively, sometimes I say things very vaguely. For example, I use words such as it, this, that, something etc. By using words like this I am not making it clear to the reader what I am talking about in my writing. Additionally, I am leaving out important information that could bring my writing to a more cohesive place. Ultimately, what I do to fix this is by pressing ctrl+ F and searching for these key words in my paper. After identifying where I use these words, I go and re-read the sentences to try and clarify my writing. This is extremely helpful and also not very time consuming because I am quickly identifying what needs to be changed in order to improve my writing.

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