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WOLFIE Blog #1

Posted on September 3, 2018

I remember first grappling with what to write about in my own blog as a twelve-year-old. I had watched the MTV show “Awkward,” where a teenage girl wrote about her daily life in a private blog online, and couldn’t help but want to do the same. Prior to reading the essay by Alex Reid, I shared similar thoughts to my twelve-year-old self, that blogging was only used as a way to express one’s personal feelings. However, Reid’s essay highlighted the importance of blogging in attempts to increase “engagement and the desire to improve” but also to serve as “exploration into what genres could do for me” (309).  Reid widened my scope of the different approaches writers take towards informing others or challenging their ideas and techniques. The essay has enhanced my determination towards completing a writing assignment because I am motivated to learn from it and not just because I need a grade. I hope in the future I can dedicate my time towards creating more argumentative and informational posts about my passions where I can gain: “positive feedback” and continue to express my own “reasonable purpose” for writing about a subject (312). Since I can decide what approach to take in my own blogs, I believe I can learn to develop a more effective way to inform others of subjects that are passionate to me.



  1. janechen

    I liked how you connected your own thoughts with the essay and a tv show. This was really creative because it enhances your thinking and it helps your writing flow better.

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