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  • National pride, school pride, gay pride, self pride, and many other different ways that incorporates pride, comes up when we think of the word pride.  When we are young, we are often told to believe in yourself. […]

    • How can we square the fact that “pride” can have both positive and negative connotations? After all, our slogan is “Proud to Be EOP.” Is that sinful?

  • Dear future Minah,

    Hi. I’m writing this letter so I can read it in the future when I’m having a rough time or if I’m wanting to give up. You’re going into college now and you’re going to see a whole another […]

    • It is important to maintain a balance between work and partying. You need to work hard, but you also need to give yourself a break every once in a while so that you don’t go crazy. What did you learn in EOP?

  • Grey’s Anatomy is literally my favorite show in the entire world. The shit that goes down in that show literally has my mind fucked up. There are episodes that I can cry about for hours and some episodes had my […]

    • What was a time that it made you cry or have an epiphany ? Try to include some more specifics so that you can show, not just tell, what Grey’s Anatomy means to you.

  • When I first came to the program, I was very close minded. I came thinking to myself that I’m going to hate everyone in the program. I told myself that I wasn’t going to be friends with anyone. I thought this was […]

    • I’m glad that the program and the students in it have exceeded your pessimistic expectations. It is helpful to have a support system as you go through your time at the university, and it is great that you have started to develop it here.

  • It is important to avoid plagiarism in our work because it is dishonesty. Not only is it academically wrong, it is morally wrong. Like i mentioned in my previous blog, plagiarism is considered stealing in my […]

    • You are an author. Think about how you would feel if someone copy and pasted this blog post and presented it as their own. I have heard similar stories about plagiarism–the truth is that it is not worth the risk. You are not only disrespecting the other writer and the teacher, but also you are disrespecting yourself through the implication that you cannot do the work.

  • Plagiarism is a serious topic that schools always teach to students. As students we are taught to never plagiarize because it is against the rules. It is also morally wrong because you are taking someone else’s […]

    • Using another author’s text, word for word, without any attribution is absolutely plagiarism. It is also plagiarism if you uses an other author’s exact words without an in-text citation. And if you put the author’s ideas into your own words, but with no in-text citation. When you put an author’s ideas into your own words, you also have to take care to make sure that you completely overhaul the sentence; if your sentence is too close to the original (deleting and changing a few words is not enough), that is also plagiarism.

  • Growing up from middle school to high school, I was always told that I was very flirtatious with everyone. It is understandable to think that I may come off flirtatious but trust me, it was not intentional. It is […]

    • It is interesting that most of the shaming you experienced was perpetuated by other young women. We tend to make light of bullying like this, because it is “just name calling,” and sticks and stones and all that. But as we move into a world in which our interactions are increasingly online and mediated through words, I think we are finally beginning to realize just how powerful they can be. Anti-cyberbullying movements have very effectively drawn attention to this.

  • Words are very powerful. They are used to communicate with one another which is why you have you carefully choose your words. Once something is said, you can not take it back which means you have to be mindful […]

    • This post makes a really great point. I think that we have all said something, at one point or another, that we regret (I know I have). That is why it is so important, as you note, to think before you speak and to consider how your words might affect others.

  • One of the biggest moments in history is when Martin Luther King Jr delivered his memorable, inspirational, and life changing “I have a dream” speech. To fight the injustice of segregation and racial dis […]

  • The film industries constantly produces a tremendously large number of movies each year and TV show companies  produces new TV shows one after the other. Everyone enjoys the shows and the movies but do people […]

    • I like your analysis of Mean Girls. What do you make of the fact that people of Asian Americans are mocked in that introductory cafeteria scene? They are treated as props, as set dressing, and it is actually pretty disturbing.

  • It’s a distant memory but I faintly still remember it. I started school in America when I was in the 3rd grade. It was the most difficult transition I had to make in my life but I’m glad I went through it. It was […]

    • This post brings up a number of good points about some of the assumptions that people make about others based on the kind of language they use. The kids in your 4th grade class sound horrid, and that is reflected in the way they judged you (and assumed that you would not be able to understand them). You closing comments about people not believing that you are a first generation immigrant also shows how closely the language we use is connected to the way our identities are perceived.


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