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Blog #3- “Y: The Last Man” Part 2

Posted on February 5, 2018


My experience in reading “Y: The Last Man” has been exciting and like always, there are new surprises at the end. I noticed a couple of important details while reading the last half of this comic book.


One of the things I noticed is the relationship between Hero and Yorick. At the beginning of the book, Yorick mentioned that he and Hero are very close and tell each other jokes, as if they are more like best friends. Then later I find out that Hero joined the Amazons. What is most shocking to me is that she actually wants to kill her own brother. As the story progresses to the end, Yorick and Hero almost end up killing each other. Now I am here thinking: how did it all end up that way?


One of my guesses is that maybe it has something to do with gender inequality/sexism. Perhaps when Hero joined the Amazons, realization hits her. Maybe she finally looks at the bigger picture, with all of her past relationships and how she is mistreated from her ex-boyfriends. So she seeks revenge, even at her own brother. At first she was hesitant, but somehow the other girls who are part of the Amazons most likely convince her. Another guess is that the leader of the Amazons, Victoria, brainwash every member of the gang and manipulate them into doing bad things. So maybe Hero is not in the right state of mind after all. Even Yorick knew that his sister Hero isn’t acting like herself. These can be the few reasons why all of the sudden Hero and Yorick’s relationship went downfall.


Another thing I noticed is the ending of the story. I am aware that this comic book covers themes on gender and feminism. Throughout the book, I have seen sexist remarks said by the male characters and the statistics. In a way I have to admit that I’m kind of happy with the way the author develops the story, giving the female characters a chance to survive on their own in the “unnamed world”. That is because readers, like me, can understand and see that women can also be capable of doing things. However as I look at the main picture of the other half of the book, I noticed the irony. Despite that the women rule the world after the plague hits, the man always end up being the hero in the end. Why can’t women be heroes too?




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