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  • Through this class, I learned a lot about how writing can vary and expand from just literary analysis to more science based research papers and other styles of writing that could be useful to academic writing in […]

  • Facts/Problems

    The issue is that disability is not always properly represented in children’s media however this is never prioritized because the importance of the media that children are always exposed to is […]

  • Disney and other forms of children’s media have always fascinated me because some forms of media are so good at having good representation of all forms while others are utterly terrible. Some of my favorite s […]

  • The peer review process was an incredibly helpful process for so many reasons. At first, I was terrified of the idea of having someone go through and read and critique my work. After all, it was only a first […]

  • One of my favorite parts of The Makers Eye reminds me of how the writing process is similar to newtonian laws of motion. An object in a state of rest will stay at rest unless a large force changes that state and […]

  • Both Person First Language and Identity First Language have different perceptions in society and how people relate to disability and both also have different approaches to supporting their arguments. Fernandos, […]

  • Introduction: The media that we are exposed to as children serve as the foundation for our opinions and thought processes for the rest of our lives. Children who grew up watching PBS evidently have very different […]

  • One of our societies biggest problems is that we categorize everything as binary systems. Although science has quite literally proven otherwise, many people believe that there are only two groups, male or female, […]

  • For me, the hardest part about writing is the beginning or the introduction. I can perfectly map out how I want my words to flow in my head and picture what each step should lead to. But, alas, this all remains in […]

  • Mairs, Church, and Couser all have very different approaches to disability because they have very different experiences with it. Mairs has a bubbly, open, resilient personality and it is reflected in her personal […]

  • Hi, I’m Manvi!

    I am 18 years old, a Psychology (pre-med) major, and I’m still pretty bad at introductions. I grew up in a household where Gujarati was the primary language but amidst my parents thick accents, I […]

    • Please let me know when your dance team is performing at SBU — I’d love to leaner more about this style of dance. Looking forward to working together this semester!

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