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Blog#3 Importance of Draft

Posted on February 11, 2019

In “Shitty First Draft”, the author, Lamott talks about the importance of having a first draft when writing a paper or anything at all on that matter. Write down as the ideas come to your head even if it doesn’t really make sense. Example she gave on her article is that let your childlike personality write down whatever thoughts are coming; “Well, so what, Mr Poopy Pants?” Something like this would be worth writing it down. Lamott used to write food reviews. She talked about her process as a food reviewer. She would start by writing about funny and interesting things happened at the restaurant. Then she would try to write the review. The thing she mentioned over and over again is that even after writing for so many years, she still would have a hard time writing her review at the first try. She clearly states that most writers go through a  panic mode when they began their new project as she felt with her reviews. After all that Lamott would realize herself she just have to write a “first shitty draft” to get started.

In “The Maker’s Eye”, the author, Donald Murray first start by saying the difference between amateur writer and a professional writer. An amateur writer would write their first draft and when they read it through, they think they have done a good job at it. I kind of can relate to it. When  I write my first draft, I try to write as properly as I can, so I don’t have to fix it too much in the final paper. Murray states that he looks for seven elements after writing the draft. First element is the subject. If it is not clear, try to write a few lines, so the essay can focus on a subject. Second is the audience, followed by form / genre. Then it is  the structure of the essay. Afterward it’s the development. How can you build your essay, so the audience can understand it? Lamott mentioned he also looks for dimensions. He defines as it is the portion that the readers are pleased to read about. And the last element is the tone. Tone is the writer’s voice. It is the writer’s style of writing.

Tips for me:

  1. Write as much as I can in the first draft without worrying about grammar, or how bad it sounds.
  2. I would like to follow the seven elements that Murray wrote in his article.
  3. Keep the same tone through the essay.

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