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  • Lily wrote a new post, A3 revision 8 months ago

    Based on the peer review, I should incorporate multiple sources into my writing, as well as a works cited page for readers to evaluate the credibility. I have also discovered that there is a citation error, such […]

  • Before participating in the Wikipedia-Edit-a-Thon, I was completely unaware as to where and from who the “professional” information came from. I’m mainly referring to the “edit” button, because I recalled a time […]

  • Upon searching up “diversity” on Wikipedia, I noticed that the term was divided into the 5 sub-categories: sociology, politics and law, STEM, communications, business, and music. I decided to narrow my focus to […]

  • Lily wrote a new post, Research Topic 9 months ago

    controversies around the portrayal of disabled people in film/media
    stigma of having disability
    sexual/reproductive rights of women with disabilities

  • So far, I’ve written an outline for assignment two, which would compare “Keywords” with “Becoming Disabled.” Although there are a few differences, I believe the two works share several similarities, with the main […]

  • In her text, “The Politics of Staring,” Garland-Thomson refers to the 4 visual rhetorics of disability: the wondrous, the sentimental, the exotic, and the realistic. To begin, Garland-Thomson discusses the won […]

  • Definitions are essential to the way we associate things in general because in a way, it’s a factor of comprehension and identification. Thus, these authors ask us to think critically about disability as a d […]

  • “‘Why can’t you be more like Helen Keller, especially since you’re really nowhere near as bad off as she was.’ You set an impossible standard. You with your cheerfulness, your stiff upper lip, your valiant s […]

  • I’ve always loved to pretend. No matter what it was that I indulged in– cartoons, books, movies, I always lived alongside an alternate life that correlated with my interests. I can’t recall how long ago it was, […]

  • “I remember the last day of treatment clearly because it was the only day on which I succeeded in not crying, and because later, in private, I cried harder than I had in years; I thought now I would no longer be ‘ […]

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  • Lily changed their profile picture 10 months, 1 week ago

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  • Of the hindrances that people with disabilities experience, Nancy Mairs puts her own into context: “[She’d] like to go camping, but [she] can’t follow George and the children along the trails that wander out of a […]


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