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I remain….

Posted on September 10, 2017

I remain quiet when there is nothing else to say. I remain quiet when my thought are going against me. I remain quiet although you keep talking. I remain quiet in fear that you will stop talking. I remain quiet as I look around my surrounds in hope of an escape. I remain quiet because that stop you from telling lies about me. I remain quiet when you disrespect my whole existence. I remain quiet when my hand is itching towards your face. I remain quiet when I am thinking. I remain quiet when you don’t seem to need my advice. I remain quiet with a smile on my face, because my advice could’ve helped you. I remain quiet when my voice is echoing in my mind. I remain quiet while my thoughts piles up into a huge mess. I remain quiet while people are placing me in a stereotype. I remain quiet because that is my right. I remain quiet because it seems that everything I say will be used against in the court of own my home. I remain quiet in order to become invisible.I remain quiet because I am invisible.

We tend to judge others because of our assumptions of them..But we never know what others are thinking or what they’re going through. Which is why the “remain quiet” because what’s the whole point in speaking when we already assume that we know them better than they know themselves. Just as the image above illustrates, we are bonding the person in black tape that signifies our judgment of them. The closer we bond them, the more they remain silent. Have you ever heard of never judge a book by its cover? Well, never judge a person based on their cover. We wouldn’t want to be judged by a person that never once spoke to us. No one should feel like being invisible and quiet is the only way that they wouldn’t be judged by all those that are around them. But the sad truth is that we will be judged everywhere we go. So we have to fight against it.

I remain quiet when there is nothing else to say. But I will make a sound because that is my natural right. I won’t remain quiet because I am better than who you believe that I am. I will not make your judgement hurt me anymore.


  1. Jessica Hautsch

    Your use of anaphora is really powerful. I really like your exploration of the different reasons why people might choose to remain quiet, to not speak. I also really like how you return to the idea of that silence later in the piece and subvert it in your insistence that you have a voice. Beautifully done.,

  2. Yafreisi Paulino

    OMG Kwesian this is so nice. Girl you are not invisible, you are a nice and funny girl and your voice matters. I completely agree no one should ever feel uncomfortable, invisible or judge at. People go through things that only they know about yet people judge with no remorse. Just because you see a smile in a person’s face doesn’t mean they are okay. You can either make a person’s day or ruin it for them if you don’t stay quiet and judge based on a their “cover”.

  3. Amy Huang

    I think I can totally relate to what you are saying. Under normal circumstances, I will stay quite and silent. If I don’t, I get into trouble because I tend to get loud and things run out of control. If I don’t say anything, nothing will happen to me. No words are coming out of myself that can be held accountable for. Something’s being quite is not actually a good thing to do. People will take advantage and will try to blame you since they know you will not resist. It sucks when people judged you in the wrong way. In one occasion, I just stay quiet and not bother defending myself from an accusation from my family because I don’t find a point. No matter how much I say something or being quiet; in their eyes they think I am the culprit.

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