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Research Proposal – Resources/Aids for the Disabled

Posted on March 8, 2018

Introduction: Would you say that a disability only affects that one person? Technically, yes, but the lives of those who take care of them are affected as well. Aids and resources are typically expensive and out of reach for lower income families. How can we, as a society, deny the necessities of these people? This includes the question that I want to research, how can we make it so that every disabled person gets the aid that they deserve?

Rationale: While I may not have a family member that is disabled, I have a family member that has Alzheimer’s disease. I understand how hard it is to have to dedicate your life to taking care of someone who cannot take care of themselves. I understand that not all disabled people are like this but for the ones that can’t, their families may lack the resources to keep them healthy and happy. It is also hard for the families who cannot afford to get them these resources, or even put into a nursery homes.

Research Plan: Family members often quit jobs to take care of the disabled child, significant other, and or parent. Furthermore, debt piles up if they cannot work jobs. This all eventually leads to a toxic, detrimental cycle that can destroy lives other than the disabled person themself. Not only does it take a physical and mental toll, it is financially irresponsible. We cannot blame the victim, instead we should blame the expensive costs of these necessary resources. I need to learn how much it actually costs for most of these aids and some organizations that are already pursuing the same goal and to learn from what they are doing.

Implications: Disability is something that can affect anybody, of any race, gender, etc. It is a universal issue that needs to be brought awareness to. There are many hearing disabilities, blindness, physical deformities, and etc. that can be helped with implants, technological advancements, and even hiring people who can help. Disabled people have just as much to offer as non-disabled people and for them to get the small help to get them going, they can contribute so much more for society and the future.

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