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Posted on April 19, 2017

At this point, I’m unaware if I am enjoying the book or if I simply enjoy the style that we are reading the book in class. Since it’s a play it is nice seeing everyone displaying they’re the emotions of the characters or their attempt of doing so. Some people that choose the roles to read, read with no emotion which is hilarious because Professor Rai will call them out on it almost immediately. At this point of the class, everything is heating up as someone has broken into the office. So far though, we aren’t aware of who truly broke into the office, we can only jump to the assumption that it is one of the two characters. The two suspects so far in the eye of the reader would be Moss and Aaronow, two men in their fifties. This stems from the conversation that occurred in Scene Two of Act One. During the conversation, Moss was attempting to get Aaronow to rob the place and sell the leads as some sort of Robin Hood act. It’s human instinct to automatically believe that due to the previous conversation that one of these two men robbed the place. But for some reason, I’m drawn to the conclusion that we are being misled. In reality, the two men are innocent and it is possibly another man in their fifties that robbed the place. All of the characters in their fifties have a motive as well as the opportunity to rob from the office. So being that we are only introduced to one other member that is in their fifties, Levene, I think that he is the culprit. Just like Moss and Aaronow, he is in jeopardy of losing his job due to this competition. He is the first character in their fifties we were introduced to and he is shown to be incapable of making sales and he also shows as being extremely desperate. He has shown his true characteristics when he first attempted to bribe Williamson in Scene One of Act One. So as a reader we can assume if he is willing to do one treacherous act, he is willing to do another.


  1. Jessica Hautsch

    I am glad that you are having a good time acting out the play with Professor Rai. Interesting theory about Moss and Aaronow being a red herrings. You provide some compelling evidence for Levene being the culprit. I guess you will just have to see how the story plays out.


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