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Socks Are Great

Posted on September 11, 2017

Did you know that socks are great? No? Ok well read my reasoning why socks are great.

Not many people know this, but socks warm your feet. There’s nothing better than non-cold feet. Cold feet are horrible because it’s very uncomfortable. Since it’s uncomfortable, it’s bad. Since it’s bad, it’s not great. Which means the opposite of cold feet is indeed great. The opposite of cold feet is warm feet. Warm feet are great. Socks are useful for maintaining warm feet, which is why they are great.

Another reason why socks are great is because they can come in many colors. Some socks are red, some are blue, some are red and blue, some are blue and red, and more combinations can happen with only two colors. Now imagine those combinations with all of the existing colors in the color spectrum. Amazing.

More reasons why socks are great? Ok. They are nice to have in the winter. Without socks, your toes would freeze and fall off a lot quicker compared to having socks. If you walked in the snow with no socks, just shoes on, then say goodbye to your toes after a few minutes. With the right socks, you can walk in the snow with any shoes and be perfectly fine.

Even more reasons why socks are great? Alright. If you went outside during the Summer to go take a jog in the park with no socks, just shoes, then what do you get? Nasty, sweaty, stink feet stuck in your steaming hot shoes. This would most likely cause random unwanted/unhealthy growths to happen to your feet, which I’m sure you wouldn’t want to happen to you. Not only that, but your shoes will be forever ruined with a horrible smell that will prevent your guests from even entering the house if you ever invite them over later. Why lose moments with friends/loved ones over horrible smelling shoes? Just wear socks…

This is why socks are great. They keep your feet warm from the cold, they magically prevent your feet from sweating puddles into your shoes, they lessen the chance of weird nasty things growing on your feet, and they come in many colors. Who wouldn’t like socks? If you don’t like socks, then I don’t like you. Simple.


  1. Jessica Hautsch

    As a runner, I can definitely agree with the thesis of your post: socks are great. To be fair, my running shoes get pretty stinky even with the socks (especially during the summer), but the right pair of socks can make all the difference when you are running long distance. Wicking socks draw moisture away from your feet and can help prevent blisters and other nasties. So, yes, socks are great.

  2. Cesar

    Kaelan, When you talk, you only talk facts. What can we do without socks? Nothing. I can’t imagine the world without socks. I hate stinky feets and socks help prevent that. Without socks, my feet feel naked and I hate that because my feet get dirty. Kaelan, thank you for talking about something so important.

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