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WRT 303 Blog #1

Posted on February 11, 2019

Although most of my peers in WRT 303 thought that Terry Tempest’s “Why I Write” essay was the weakest out of the three assigned, I feel the opposite way. I prefer Tempest’s essay over Orwell and Didion’s because I found it to be the most relatable.

One of the main reasons why the majority of my classmates disliked Tempest’s essay is that they found his reasons for writing to be poorly explained. To paraphrase one of my peers, Tempest would state a reason with “I write because…”, finish his sentence, and continue on with another reason, not giving much follow up on his previous statement. Essentially, Tempest is repeatedly listing out reasons without providing much background for each individual point; I can understand why this might frustrate some readers. However, since I am a writer myself, I can understand Tempest better than most. In one way or another, I’ve either been where he’s been or felt what he’s felt. More so, I am a personal writer, not just academic. My peers, who are the opposite, don’t usually write for fun or to express feelings. Therefore, they cannot relate to Tempest the same way I do. They need explicit explanations whereas I can find the answers through my own experience.

Overall, I did enjoy Tempest’s essay a lot, even though it’s not meant for everyone. Not only did I like his repetition of the phrase “I write because”, but I also enjoyed the straightforward and to-the-point rhetoric.


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