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  • Hi all, I know it’s a little late, but I hope everyone had an amazing Thanksgiving and mini vacation. I on the other hand, was too overwhelmed with work to truly enjoy the break. The main focus of my time off w […]

    • That project sounds amazing! And time consuming. But the really coolest things we do for class usually are. I’ve gotten way to invested in a number of projects, but the results have always been something I could be proud of. I’m glad that you at least got to rest and enjoy some delicious food on Thanksgiving day. What did you eat?

    • That’s so cool. It sounds like a lot of work but fun as well. It might have cost you some sleep but it sounds worth it. Even though you were stressed and didn’t have as much sleep as you wanted you still got to see your family and have some real food. Just remember that there are only two weeks left in this semester and that we should try our hardest even though it is basically over. Good luck with everything and try to get some sleep.

  • Overall, I would have to say the semester is going fairly well. I have adapted and integrated to life as a college student. the only thing that bothers me about college is the insistent surplus of midterms. Each […]

    • I’m glad to hear that you are adapting to college life, both to the work load and the campus dining. It is especially good that you’ve figured out how to balance your academic and social life. Too much of one can lead to a burn out; too much of the other can lead to failure. But it is important to have a mix of the two.

    • It not just you man, we all go through tons of midterms, but we have to find a way to overcome them. People have graduated from this University so it is possible to do, we just have to make sacrifice and that’s just part of life. I still hate the food and I haven’t adapted to it in any way shape or form, since I have gotten here. Stay strong and keep fighting.

  • A tale of two hoodies is a painting created by Michael D’Antuono in the wakes of the Trayvon Martin case. It is meant to symbolize, encompass the vulgarity and raw truth of racial profiling and the effect p […]

  • jwhyte wrote a new post, Myself 9 months ago

    I am neither smart nor dumb, brave nor funny. I am studious, anxious, ambitious, curious, and overly humble. The most overused piece of advice given in varying circumstances is just “be yourself”. Though see […]

    • I really like how you define yourself in the opening paragraph of this blog, that you embrace your strengths along with your foibles. There is a lot of social pressure to conform (and social punishments for not doing so), but changing yourself to fit the expectations of others can lead to lots of unhappiness. That’s not to say that you can’t grow and change, but the person you become should stay true to the person you are.

    • I like the way you talked about a topic that a lot of people have trouble with and you were expressive in your examples. I also like how you were open with us about yourself and used others evidence about why you believe in what you were talking about matters. All of these enhance your blog post and make it sound more professional and strong.

  • Overall, I would say I have transitioned well from a high school student into a college freshman. I’ll admit, it was not an easy change –especially the first week, but with a little dedication and maturity I was […]

    • I hope you enjoyed your first college party because I went through the same thing that you did. I waited for the ride to pick me up with four of my friends and I didn’t know what I was in for. But there was nothing to worry about and it being fun. I also got to see the May-weather fight even though it was disappointing. Sometimes you have to try new things, it’s usually worth it in the end.

    • I never actually to any of the frats parties because I am not much of a party person. My question for you is: would you go to another frat party? if yes, tell me how it went because I know I won’t be experiencing that much “fun” in a long time. In your opinion, do you believe that the only way for you to have the “full” college experience is through frat parties? I am only wondering because I know a lot of people that would only go to college for the parties. I am not trying to say that they’re dumb, I am asking if that is what being a college student meant. I guess that is what they considers fun, since there is nothing really to do on campus except bike riding. What other thing are there to do on campus instead of just biking around? -_- you already know what happened the last time, we decided to “ride” bikes around campus.

  • Looking in a mirror we see little beyond our obscure blemishes, a dejected rendering of what we have and reminder of what we lack. Our current reflection is nothing more than a rendering of our greatest flaws and […]

    • Yes, society does promote standards of physical attractiveness that are unattainable for most people, which is why when we look in the mirror we are so preoccupied by our flaws and imperfections. I like how you use the metaphor for rejecting societal standards of attractiveness and embracing imperfections.

  • If you had asked me two weeks ago about writing a blog post I would have laughed at the very thought and shrugged it off; but yet, here I am, 1:38 a.m. now franticly rushing to meet my second blog post […]

    • Lmfaoooo dang you violated. It’s okay I could relate. Even though you might have felt like you bullshitted the blog post to reach the deadline, I like it. The whole point of creating these blog posts is for you to express your emotions. It’s like an outlet to vent, but with a deadline. If you ever need help with a topic then ask me because I have lots of ideas on what you could write a minimum of 400 words about.

  • Hi readers!


    This is my first time writing a blog post so please respect my entry and brace yourself for ineptitude.


    Okay, being that this is my first post I’d like to use it as an opportunity for y […]

    • You were very lucky to have a teacher like that– not everyone does. It is great that she was able to reach past your wall to help you to be more confident. I am impressed by the self-reflection and self-awareness that you demonstrate in the blog.

    • It was a good thing you got help from your teacher because your writing is exceptional. You really showed the difference between your old self to your new more mature self which is great to see. I would have never had thought you would major in physics, computer science, or electrical engineering, that’s very interesting fields!

    • I still see the clown in you and I appreciate it because it makes me want to be around you. You must of came a long way because your are so respectful that I would have never thought you spit paper balls in class. You’re writing seem to be exceptional, I hope to one day be able to write like that. Maybe you should give me your teacher’s email because she did a great job!

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  • jwhyte changed their profile picture 10 months, 3 weeks ago


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