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  • Doubt is the knife in your body, that always remains you of your failures. Everyday we deal with some sort of doubt, it is just something we can’t ignore. There is always that small voice in our head, that makes u […]

  • Thanksgiving is the time of the year where families comes together and cook and enjoy each other companies. Thanksgiving is where the kitchen is packed with chefs coming in and out, delicious aroma travelling its […]

    • I’m not sure that what you are discussing here is gentrification (which refers to renovation of an area to increase rents, forcing out lower income individuals, like what is happening in Queens and Brooklyn). Maybe we can call it genderification–being forced into specific gender roles because of biological sex? You do a good job of calling out how traditional gender norms persist. You had every right to be annoyed. 🙂

    • I totally understand you. Placing roles on genders is something that is embedded in our minds at a very age. As a human being you should learn how to cook and do basic house chores. Basic things like cooking shouldn’t be labeled on a specific sex, but unfortunately thats the way our society is structured. At the end of the day when you move out you will be able to do most things on your own.

  • Have you ever tried to do an all- nighter on one of the weekdays? If you have, did you actually succeed? I am asking because this week I have accidently did an all- nighter to finish an essay that was due at […]

    • 😭😭 I procrastinate all the time but I don’t think I am good at pulling all nighters. I tend to get really tired after 10 and cant get work done. But If I have to I will but the latest I slept doing that was 1am. Your body needs the rest you know and if it doesn’t that affects us both physically and mentally. I think my all nighter have work saying I don’t go to bed too late like you did lol. But good luck with everything and GET SLEEP. LOL Ik is hard I’m working on time managing too.

    • I procrastinate all the time becuase Im too lazy to do the work. Plus sometimes when I procrastinate I actually do well then when I spread things out. But I get really sleep deprived which means I get sick often. Runny nose,heavy head,sleepiness is common for me especially in my senior year of high school. Though it is funny how I the first time I pull an all nighter, I actually felt fine. I was very energetic throughout the day not feeling sleepy at all. Maybe because I was kept busy and not thinking about sleep at all. Anyway just hold on for another month. Winter break is almost here.

  • For my art essay, I want to used the meme called “Successful Black Man”. The reason why I want to write about this meme is because I have never seen it before. It is interesting how the meme itself is taking the […]

    • I like your art proposal its will be interesting to see how you will write this essay. I have personally seen pictures of ” Successful Black Man”a couple of years ago all over my Facebook. It was interesting to see people’s comments and views about the memes. I personally found it insultive how they changed the words around to make them positive. I thought they were mocking black people instead of changing people’s stereotypes.

    • First Let me thank you for the last comment you post on my last blog. It really motivated me. [“I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me.”] You are a bright girl don’t let anyone change you or tell you other wise. Moving on to the blog post I really like your topic. Brings me back to our AFS days. It is so interesting yet the sad truth. I think so far you have analyze/interpret the meme really nice. The last sentences would be good to include in your thesis statement.

    • I did not know about this meme until now and I liked because as you said, it does not follow the stereotypes. I think is great that you want to talk about that and I also liked when you analyzed the title of the meme and related it to the history of the United States.

  • Today is officially two months and two day until Christmas. Although, it’s only October I can’t wait till the holiday to arrive because that is one of my favorite season overall. It’s my favorite holiday mainl […]

    • I can be hard to get up in front of a group of people and put yourself out there. There is always the potential for embarrassment. But I bet your congregation is a very kind audience and it is awesome that this experience helped you to develop confidence.

    • I remember you telling me that you played Mary at your church. Its nice that you wrote about it and how you felt through the whole process of the play. My favorite month is also December. But not because of Christmas I actually don’t celebrate Christmas. December is my favorite month because we get to look bak at all the things we accomplished in the year, how you have grown and what you need to keep working on. Its a time of reflection. Its also my favorite month because my dad was born the day before I was so we all get to celebrate four things in a day. My dad was born on New Years Eve and I was born on New Years day.

    • I also can’t wait for Christmas, it the best time of the year. The music, food and family getting together is amazing. My favorite part is to actually receive presents. I love getting presents. I hate the plays because I am bad at memorizing lines and I always end up forgetting my lines. I am also not good at acting and I end up embarrassing myself. I love to sing, therefore when the choir is asked to sing praise and worship before the play starts, that’s my favorite part of Christmas. I can’t wait to hear the Christmas carols.

    • I also can’t wait till the month of december. There is a one month break after all the stressful college classes and midterm. It will be a time for me to relax, eat (which I love doing), and play. I will finally be home after 3 months away from home. I will finally be able to eat well and cook whatever I want to cook. Well for christmas, I don’t get presents like other people do because my family doesn’t really celebrate the holiday. However with that being said, instead of presents, my family will probably go out and eat or have hot pot for dinner.

  • Have you ever went to a dollar store, where everything thing there was for only a dollar? If you have,please tell me where this store is located, because I have never been to a dollar store where the exact price […]

    • I never went to a dollar tree store until my senior year where my friend brought me to the place. Surprisingly a lot of the stuff were very cheap compare to other groceries or supermarket. It’s useful when you need something in an emergency yet had a limit amount of cash that you have. The snacks were cheap. The soda was cheap. The candies too were cheap. I went there to buy takis and soda. I like it how you can get the same item with the same quality (maybe) for a cheaper lower price. I only had so much money on me to spend. Oh by the way there is a dollar tree near stony brook.

    • Yooo this happened to me too. All the food s exactly one dollar but if you buy items that aren’t food then there’s a tax. I used to go there all the time to buy Takis. I used to be obsessed with it for a while so once I figured out that the big bag of Takis was exactly a dollar and not two dollars I went crazy. My pockets was dead before dollar tree.

  • When you look at this painting what do you see? This questions has multiple answers especially because not everyone sees the same thing in the painting. They would either say that the artwork is a painting of two […]

    • I love that you started out with the painting. Much like the young lady/old lady and rabbit/duck optical illusions, people can have different perspectives on and interpretations of the same image. You do a good job of connecting that to how we view other people. We have to interpret other people’s actions, and (sometimes also our own), which can result in misunderstandings.

    • I think I can totally relate to what you are saying. It is sad that in the world that we live in today, people always assume about something and never bother looking deep into what is actually happening. Personally I always sit alone in the lunchroom because the “friends” I had don’t have the same lunch period. Plus I don’t like to be bothered during my lunch break. Also it sucks when people call you a loner and no life but in fact it just that I don’t like hanging out with people. I prefer chilling at home doing just what I want to do.

  • Remember this:

    You probably have seen this commercial more than once in one hour, because when you was younger this commercial was everywhere. The main purpose of this commercial was to persuade customers to […]

    • I like the topic you chose to blog about. That’s so true. We all are constantly being deceived by the things around us. I agree with you on the razor commercials. Lmfaoo like what are they shaving off? There’s nothing there. I also like how you used pathos and connected it back to the rhetorical analysis part of this. It just gave me a flash back of the rhetorical essay that I’m currently trying to write that’s due tomorrow 🙂

  • I remain quiet when there is nothing else to say. I remain quiet when my thought are going against me. I remain quiet although you keep talking. I remain quiet in fear that you will stop talking. I remain quiet as […]

    • Your use of anaphora is really powerful. I really like your exploration of the different reasons why people might choose to remain quiet, to not speak. I also really like how you return to the idea of that silence later in the piece and subvert it in your insistence that you have a voice. Beautifully done.,

    • OMG Kwesian this is so nice. Girl you are not invisible, you are a nice and funny girl and your voice matters. I completely agree no one should ever feel uncomfortable, invisible or judge at. People go through things that only they know about yet people judge with no remorse. Just because you see a smile in a person’s face doesn’t mean they are okay. You can either make a person’s day or ruin it for them if you don’t stay quiet and judge based on a their “cover”.

    • I think I can totally relate to what you are saying. Under normal circumstances, I will stay quite and silent. If I don’t, I get into trouble because I tend to get loud and things run out of control. If I don’t say anything, nothing will happen to me. No words are coming out of myself that can be held accountable for. Something’s being quite is not actually a good thing to do. People will take advantage and will try to blame you since they know you will not resist. It sucks when people judged you in the wrong way. In one occasion, I just stay quiet and not bother defending myself from an accusation from my family because I don’t find a point. No matter how much I say something or being quiet; in their eyes they think I am the culprit.

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    My name is Kwesian( that’s pronounce kway-see-an). Most people doesn’t really know how to pronounce my name correctly, so I introduce myself as Kwe. Many may not know that I am […]


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