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What Should I Write About?

Posted on March 5, 2019

Italian culture has always fascinated me and I think it could be un to write about. I would want to focus on the family aspect of Italian culture and how Italian families always stick together. I had recently saw a documentary on how a town in Pennsylvania had a high populations of Italians and almost none of the elderly people had heart disease. They concluded that it was because the elderly Italians had a will to live because they were being taken care of by their family and still had a reason to be healthy. I thought this was really cool when I first heard it and it could be interesting to look into. As an Italian American, I already have so personal experience on what an Italian family dynamic is and how it operates.

My second idea was to write about antibiotic resistant bacteria. I spent quite a bit of time in high school learning about certain resistant bacteria strain like MRSA and CRE under a mentor. I had heard from my mentor about doctors using a certain type of honey being able to function as a treatment to antibiotic resistant bacteria. This type of research paper is familiar to me and I would be comfortable being able to write about it as almost like an introduction or background information for a scientific research paper.

My final idea was to write about anime or Japanese animation. Personally. I like to watch anime because the stories told can hold so much emotion. I think i would want to write about about its history and why it became so big here in America and in other countries. I personally know nothing about anime or its history so it could be cool to look into.

I want to learn about the research process is how to start research for a humanities stand point. I’ve always written papers for school with political stand points and tons of science papers that I don’t necessarily know how to even start find research for these other subjects. I would really like to  learn how to research any topic and not just the ones I have to. This paper could be a new way to branch out and expand my horizons as a writer.

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