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  • Moving to the USA is something that I dreamed a lot about when I was a kid. I used to hear a lot of beautiful stories about how the USA is a country where “milk and honey flow.” I used to watch a lot of Ame […]

  • Every day I wake up, I’m thankful because I don’t know if I was to wake up the next. I eat, drink, breath just like any other human being, but I don’t know how my body is going to receive all that stuff I just put […]

  • Society has taught us to believe that failure is unacceptable. We have learned that when we fail it is because we aren’t good enough or because we didn’t try hard enough. You have to fail big in order to dream big […]


    Please, Buy Me a Phone.

    By Xavier Roberson.

    As a mother and college student, I know the importance of making proper decisions that will positively impact my life and the life of your grandson.  That i […]

  • Why is it that some of my friends are always so displeased with the B’s and low A’s they get in chem and MAT125 when im here hype cuz i got a 56 on my last math exam.  Why me, why did i have to get thrown into […]

    • All of that food sounds absolutely amazing (especially that french toast!). I am all for eating healthy (my office mates give me a hard time because all they see me eating are fruits and veggies–and yes, a kale salad for my lunch), but Thanksgiving is a holiday, and I believe in indulging. You can get back to kale and ALEKS after a bit of a break. Sorry to hear that your semester has not been all that you might have hoped.

    • At this rate, I would be really happy to even pass chemistry or math with a B-. Getting A would be nice but I know that is impossible. A C is definitely unacceptable to me as it would not let me to get into a medical school. Anyway I can agree with you that Stony Brook makes things extra. Very EXTRA. Chemistry is hard. Math is hard. Even writing is hard with all the e-portfolio shit that we need to write just to pass the class. No other sunys or even IVY league schools makes chemistry as hard as Stony Brook would. I even remember one suny makes lab so much easier to understand compare to SBU. At one point, I had to annoy my sister for over 3 hours just to help me tutor on math to which the professor can’t teach (even though he is knowledge on his subject) . With that being said, if I can’t handle the stress as it was right now, then how would I even survive the hell in medical school.

  • AMINUEZA wrote a new post, Eager. 2 months ago

    I want to go back home to Queens! I recently left to go home on Thursday so I can surpise my mom at her job before she left to Guatemala. I wanted to see her because she wouldnt be there the week I come back so I […]

    • I love your use of emjois in this post!
      It is starting to feel more like Christmas time, isn’t it? I had to laugh at your comment about it getting dark early. I hate to break it to you, but if you woke up at 4, the day is gone. But you still have the night, I guess. 🙂


    For this week’s blog, I’m going to be talking about one of my favorite Haitian songs titled “m vle parenn.” in this song, Wanito (the author of this poem) tells about a dream that he had after taking and pass […]

    • Interesting discussion of this song. Do you think that Wanito wrote it as a warning to young men and women to avoid unwanted pregnancies?

      • in my opinion, I think that Wanito wrote it as way to help young men and young woman to understand the danger of getting and being pregnant especially if the man is unable to take of himself, the girl, and the baby. He advised us to first focus on school, and have a profession to support yourself and your future family before even thinking about getting a girl pregnant.

  • I think that I want to change. Not completely, but some aspects of my life. A quote that I recently heard said “Happiness and love are choices that we get to make in each and every moment.” Over the wee […]

    • I am glad that you found inspiration in your trip home and that you are looking forward to next semester (although we still have a few weeks to get through in this one). That also sounds like a great volunteering opportunity.

    • Wow Andre, thats crazy ! I am proud of you. Sometimes it takes a trip back home with the people you love to open your mind or heart. Don’t get discouarged. We are all in this together. Not too long ago did I have my little discovery of myself. We will all be the greatest! One step at a time.


    Im not sure what to write about, i had great ideas over the week but i never wrote them down so here is a wild rampage of everything i was going to write about but cant fully remember, ENJOY!

    On day two […]

    • Great observation about Chiraq. The use of rhyming couplets also might be a reference to Aristophanes’ “Lysistrata,” which I believe was also written in rhyming verse in the original Greek. The fact that you take note of when the rhyme scheme is broken is also important. I am looking forward to reading your analysis.
      As a side note, I do hope that you do not find your eventual profession annoying. While every career has it downsides and its bad days, it is possible to do something that you love, something that won’t get old.

  •                 I have decided to do my art analysis essay on Manifest destiny. It is one of the most famous paintings in the United States, and I found it to be interesting. It was painted in 1872 by John Gast a […]

    • Walter, talking about Manifest Destiny is a great idea. We have discussed this image everywhere. During high school, you probably talked about this image a lot. We even talk about this image in African Studies. It’s a great image and you have a lot to talk about. Great Choice.

  • I have decided to analyse Spike lee’s Movie, Chiraq.  The movie takes place in southside chicago which has, for the longest, been one of the cities with the most black on black crime due to gang affiliation.  I […]

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