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  • I want to go back home to Queens! I recently left to go home on Thursday so I can surpise my mom at her job before she left to Guatemala. I wanted to see her because she wouldnt be there the week I come back so I […]


    For this week’s blog, I’m going to be talking about one of my favorite Haitian songs titled “m vle parenn.” in this song, Wanito (the author of this poem) tells about a dream that he had after taking and pass […]

    • Interesting discussion of this song. Do you think that Wanito wrote it as a warning to young men and women to avoid unwanted pregnancies?

      • in my opinion, I think that Wanito wrote it as way to help young men and young woman to understand the danger of getting and being pregnant especially if the man is unable to take of himself, the girl, and the baby. He advised us to first focus on school, and have a profession to support yourself and your future family before even thinking about getting a girl pregnant.

  • I think that I want to change. Not completely, but some aspects of my life. A quote that I recently heard said “Happiness and love are choices that we get to make in each and every moment.” Over the wee […]

    • I am glad that you found inspiration in your trip home and that you are looking forward to next semester (although we still have a few weeks to get through in this one). That also sounds like a great volunteering opportunity.

    • Wow Andre, thats crazy ! I am proud of you. Sometimes it takes a trip back home with the people you love to open your mind or heart. Don’t get discouarged. We are all in this together. Not too long ago did I have my little discovery of myself. We will all be the greatest! One step at a time.


    Im not sure what to write about, i had great ideas over the week but i never wrote them down so here is a wild rampage of everything i was going to write about but cant fully remember, ENJOY!

    On day two […]

    • Great observation about Chiraq. The use of rhyming couplets also might be a reference to Aristophanes’ “Lysistrata,” which I believe was also written in rhyming verse in the original Greek. The fact that you take note of when the rhyme scheme is broken is also important. I am looking forward to reading your analysis.
      As a side note, I do hope that you do not find your eventual profession annoying. While every career has it downsides and its bad days, it is possible to do something that you love, something that won’t get old.

  •                 I have decided to do my art analysis essay on Manifest destiny. It is one of the most famous paintings in the United States, and I found it to be interesting. It was painted in 1872 by John Gast a […]

    • Walter, talking about Manifest Destiny is a great idea. We have discussed this image everywhere. During high school, you probably talked about this image a lot. We even talk about this image in African Studies. It’s a great image and you have a lot to talk about. Great Choice.

  • I have decided to analyse Spike lee’s Movie, Chiraq.  The movie takes place in southside chicago which has, for the longest, been one of the cities with the most black on black crime due to gang affiliation.  I […]

  • T’was the night of All Hallows Eve out in Suffolk County, Long Island. My friends and I decided to drive down to Amityville, the most famous haunted place in the country. Apparently, this guy murdered his […]

    • Ha ha. Thanks for sharing this sppppooookey story to get us in the mood for Halloween! The Amityville house is real, but I think it’s just a normal suburban house, and the people who live there don’t appreciate all of the people driving by to get a peak. 🙂

  • Every past week, I wrote a blog post about my boring experiences. This week, I don’t know what to write about. I guess I’m going to be writing some more about soccer.

    Watching soccer in Haiti, is one of the mos […]

    • I love your description of decoding the shouts of other fans as they watch the game, the fact that you can track the game through the fans’ reaction to it. Good use of examples in this blog post to show the importance of soccer in Haiti. You do a nice job of not just telling that it is important, but showing that it is.

  • So im thinking of changing career paths. Instead of becoming a pediatrician, im thinking about becoming an fertility specialist.

    I am straying away from becoming a pediatrician because i started being honest […]

    • Part of being in school is figuring out what you want to do with your life–which can be incredibly daunting. I don’t blame you for coming to the realization that maybe you don’t want to be a pediatrician. If there is anything worse that kids, it’s sick kids. 🙂 It sounds like you’ve given a lot of thought to what you want to get out of your career and you’ve come to a conclusion that will be rewarding and will challenge you (in a good way).

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  • When I was in 5th grade, I had the desire to play soccer for my class’s team. At the time, I was really fast. I used to have about 10 students around my age run after me and if they caught me; I promised them t […]

    • Cesar replied 1 month ago

      I started as a goalkeeper too. It was a struggle to play as a starter without being the goalkeeper. I didn’t know anything how to play or anything. Being a goalkeeper wasn’t bad at all; I made so many saves and I loved when my teammates just came and praise me. In my head, I was the last line of defense and the best defender. Great Job!!

    • Thats great When I first started soccer, I was also the last to be picked. At the time I did not know how to properly dribble,pass,shoot,etc. Over time practice made me good enough to compete at the school level. This goes to show hard work and determination prove a lot. Thank you for the post it brought back some great memories of high school and great job at attaining your goal!

  • I dont know why its so hard for me to make friends.  I’ve been bullied and fucked with for so long that i always think im being talked about, or unwanted.  Fortunately this weekend I got the best advice of my l […]

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  • October. What’s not to love about it? It’s the start of holiday season, the weather gets cooler, and you get to stay inside your room more! Here are eight things that I love about the month of October:

    Th […]

    • I am totally with you about fall. It is my favorite season (my husband thinks I’m a weirdo because I can’t stand the summer–it’s way too hot). I love that it gets cold at night, because it makes my morning runs much better and I like to sleep under loads of blankets. I also love comfort food and reading your blog makes me want a big bowl of Broccoli Cheddar soup.

    • I loved your descriptive writing on the month of October. While reading along I could picture every starry sky that slowly starts to form a haunting mist in the spirit of October. The very spirit of October is to explore the mysterious and creepy and understand it and I think you did a great job of doing that with the imagery involved in your writing.

  • Scoring goals feels awesome. It’s awesome when you are winning because it makes you feel like a hero. The hero who scored the winning goal for his/her team. Scoring goals not only makes you feel good as player, i […]

    • Congrats on your first goal! I’m glad to hear that it made you feel like a more confident player. I really like how you drag out the word “Goallllll!!!!” in this post. It is fun and it brings your reader more fully into your experience of the game.

    • congrats on your goal first goal or score to any sports means a lot. to start it off it shows that you belong and that you have the potential to be a all-start player someday. You had a reason to be hyped over the goal you made and also the fact that you played a role you usually don’t play and scored on it shows a lot of potential again congrats bro on the score, you are very talented when it comes to soccer and I have seen it. Congrats again.


            Many moons ago, in the poverty stricken areas of bikini bottom, lived two young boys, Sheldon Plankton and Eugine krabs.  The two boys were best friends.  They played together, they laughed togeth […]

    • Ha! I love this fanfiction. At least they are using imitation crab meat. Spongebob would have been a much darker show if it turned out the whole town was eating crab meat. I know that most of them are not crabs, but still– we know that crabs are sentient beings in this world. 🙂 The whole thing would be very Soylent Green.

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