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  • Well, I’m so glad for this break. It’s a month-long break that I needed!The end

  • Nah, seriously its a wrap for this. I am here sitting and I am just like let the end really come. Stonybrook I thought it was a joke that midterms never end but I am here typing this blog thinking about the mi […]

  • I like how my screen is black, I can’t even see if the words I’m writing are spelled correctly.Let’s see if iI WERE TO WRITE A BOOK OR A JUST THESES THREE PAGES WHAT PART OF MY LIFE SHOULD I include.Each part of […]

  • Well, maybe I overexaggerated but seriously are you kidding me, where did time go. Specifically for my fellow freshmen, we have almost completed our first semester of college. We all have our different views […]

    • Ha! I love the image that you included in this post. Very funny. The semester really is like a marathon, and you’re on mile 23. Almost there, but the last 3.2 miles are the hardest you’ll run. I’m glad that you had a reenergizing break and that now you’re ready to for the final sprint.

    • Yea it’s crazy time flew by so quick. I still remember the summer program that we all hated like it was yesterday. Now finals are coming up and stress is going to be at an all time high for a lot of us. Thanks for the positive energy ad good luck on all your finals and projects.

  • From the time we were born we were thrown into the storm of destruction. “oh, she smiles just like her father or  “boy, I just cannot figure out if she looks like his father or mother”. Of course, those […]

  • Honestly, I do not even know what to write for this class anymore. I know there are various topics but like which one. It is like I might as well make up ideas, only if I could think of ideas though, but yea think […]

    • Hey, it looks like you wrote about some things that are very important to you! It always helps to have something to say. However, sometimes you don’t know what you have to say until you write it down.

    • Professor Davidson is right. Writing is actually a form of thinking, so sometimes the act of writing can help us to think about what we want to say.

  •    Grace, glorious grace by God. It’s not due to my own righteousness but God found is sufficient for me. As I look back over my life and all the things I have done I can not help to give thanks. For the times I […]

    • you blog is very interesting it really brings out the positivity of being alive, you might have helped me with the level of stress I face. And people might think that everyday of their life is negative but it is actually a blessing. very interesting blog really influential, and meaningful.

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  • Sometimes it is tough being introverted  and for me, I am just glad there is an actual word that defined the way I acted. If you are reading this and you do not know what introverted means, it means a shy, […]

    • As a fellow introvert, I can definitely relate to how you feel. I married an extrovert, which is good, because he makes me leave the house and go out and do things with other people every once in a while, so I guess he helps me to get out of my shell. There are definitely nights though, where I would much rather stay in and keep to myself, though. It can be exhausting being around other people sometimes.

  • “Train Up child in a way that he may go; even when he is old he shall not depart”(KJV, Prov 22:6).According to Mr.Google, influence is the capacity to have an effect on character, development, or behavior of som […]

  • Surprising as it is, it is already the third week of college. Although there were breaks it is a little concerning how smooth of a transition I am having from high school to college. I understand college is […]

    • I am glad that you are having a smooth transition. Enjoy your current low level of stress. But just brace yourself (a bit at least). Things might get a bit more stressful as the semester continues.

  • Well Hello,


     This isn’t really the best platform to know who I really I am but I hope you at least get a little insight into who I am.Here it goes

        My name is Jermaine Matthews but I also go by Is […]

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