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    The novel Glengarry Glen Ross shows a real world depiction on the business world. Moss, Levene, Aaronow, and Roma are salesmen who works under the company Mitch and Murray. Their Supervisor John Williamson […]


    The three short stories “The Lesson”, “The Standard of Living”, and “The Garden Party” all share a common theme. All of the narrator in the stories come across income or economic inequality. In “The Lesson” t […]


    All three short stories “Fish Cheeks”, “Indian Education”, and ” Never Marry a Mexican” covers the struggles of minorities and their respective from their point of view. Each of the narrator of the short […]

    • Nice job of thematically tying these stories together. Good job of talking about the pressures to assimilate in “Fish Cheeks,” and your analysis of Clemencia is very well done. You very effectively show how conflicted and sad she is. Also, connections that you make between “Indian Education” and last week’s readings are very strong.


    The three short stories “The Ethics of Living Jim Crow”, “Black Men in Public Space”, and “Everyday Use” all shares a common theme of racial oppression. In the first short story “The Ethics of Living Jim […]

    • You do a good job of getting to the ambiguity of some of these stories. Women do learn to be fear walking alone at night, because bad things can and do happen to them. But when that fear is connected to racist assumptions, it becomes incredibly problematic. You also do a nice job of addressing some of the ambiguity in Walker’s story. We do get the story from Mama’s perspective, but I think it is important to understand where Wangero/Dee is coming from as well.

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