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  • I want to go back home to Queens! I recently left to go home on Thursday so I can surpise my mom at her job before she left to Guatemala. I wanted to see her because she wouldnt be there the week I come back so I […]

  • When It comes to rhetoric in images, there are many methods that creators use to deliver their message. In one case, I have discovered a particular set of images that follow the same pattern. They put a twist on […]

    • This image is great! And I really like your argument about the artistic merit of video games. You might also want to consider how the painterly brush strokes in the painting help to convey a sense of movement, evoking the dynamism of the video game genre. I look forward to reading more of your analysis.

  • I think that I want to change. Not completely, but some aspects of my life. A quote that I recently heard said “Happiness and love are choices that we get to make in each and every moment.” Over the wee […]

    • I am glad that you found inspiration in your trip home and that you are looking forward to next semester (although we still have a few weeks to get through in this one). That also sounds like a great volunteering opportunity.

    • Wow Andre, thats crazy ! I am proud of you. Sometimes it takes a trip back home with the people you love to open your mind or heart. Don’t get discouarged. We are all in this together. Not too long ago did I have my little discovery of myself. We will all be the greatest! One step at a time.


    This week was nothing but a realization. I notice things that make me feel a little more open. The fact that my grades aren’t what they are supposed to be. How could I fix that? I asked myself that […]

    • Honestly Carla i agree with every single word you said in this. For chemistry we should review more because i know that i too only do homework. If we pay for them we might as well use them. About the phones i agree with you one hundred percent, like why when i try to talk to someone they gotta hide behind their phones. I kinda miss the summer because in the summer we had no choice but to talk to each other because none of us had anything to hide behind. It was just us and others all getting along through the same misery.

  • A lot of people in my family smoke. They do not realize how many harmful effects it can bring to your life. How small injuries can cause future pain. I wanted to talk about a subject that was very close to my […]

  • After everything that has been going on in the past few weeks they have affected me, sure, but I’ve come to terms with everything. I’m not exactly stressing about much anymore, except for my computer science cla […]

  • Guys, it happened. I got the job! I officially am an employee at the department of Korean studies. Uhhhh, what a dream come true. I can’t believe I got it! I was so nervous to do the interview but here I am w […]

    • Congrats on getting the job! This blog post does a great job of showing how excited you are. It seems like a good way to work on your Korean (the fact that you speak any Korean at all is impressive) and make some money is awesome. What scary movie did you watch? It is weird how many of them feature bathrooms. Maybe because that is where we are at our most vulnerable?

  • T’was the night of All Hallows Eve out in Suffolk County, Long Island. My friends and I decided to drive down to Amityville, the most famous haunted place in the country. Apparently, this guy murdered his […]

    • Ha ha. Thanks for sharing this sppppooookey story to get us in the mood for Halloween! The Amityville house is real, but I think it’s just a normal suburban house, and the people who live there don’t appreciate all of the people driving by to get a peak. 🙂

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  • After the many hard times, I’ve been going through and I’m sure many others have been going through, I’ve somewhat given up on trying to socialize. Not necessarily completely given up I just stopped caring. I hav […]

    • Time management is one of the most challenging aspects of transitioning to college life. You have a lot more time to do things on your own, but you also have a lot more things that need to get done. Taking two writing classes is also really tricky because writing can be very time consuming. Try not to give up on socialization entirely; if you focus only on work you risk burning yourself out.

  • This week was okay. I did a lot and I slept a lot. It was homecoming and I didn’t attend any events, ahhaa. I probably should have but ehh. I was more focused on the fact that I have a chemistry exam on w […]

  • Wow, things couldn’t be going any worse. After going through what happened last week I really lost a lot of will power. So much to the point where I don’t really want to do anything. I’m only managing to write […]

  • October. What’s not to love about it? It’s the start of holiday season, the weather gets cooler, and you get to stay inside your room more! Here are eight things that I love about the month of October:

    Th […]

    • I am totally with you about fall. It is my favorite season (my husband thinks I’m a weirdo because I can’t stand the summer–it’s way too hot). I love that it gets cold at night, because it makes my morning runs much better and I like to sleep under loads of blankets. I also love comfort food and reading your blog makes me want a big bowl of Broccoli Cheddar soup.

    • I loved your descriptive writing on the month of October. While reading along I could picture every starry sky that slowly starts to form a haunting mist in the spirit of October. The very spirit of October is to explore the mysterious and creepy and understand it and I think you did a great job of doing that with the imagery involved in your writing.

  • This week was not as fun. But something really really exciting happened!! I’ll leave that detail till the end. I had my psych test last week and yeah haha. It was not the best. Let just say I didn’t even get a 70 […]

    • Congrats on being selected to got to Cambodia; that’s really exciting. It is also awesome that you want to spend your winter break volunteering. Sorry to hear about your psych exam. I am really impressed, though, by your attitude. It is so important to keep your spirits up and not get discouraged by set backs.

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