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  • KSHEHATA wrote a new post, AIM Blog #4 4 days ago

    I am glad that this book is starting to pick up pace. In this part of the book, the magistrate decides to take the barbarian girl back home to the barbarians. He picks up some people to go along with him, but he […]

    • Good observations about karma. There does seem to be something to the fact that the magistrate must endure the same indignities that he did not prevent the barbarians from facing.
      Interesting theories about his relationship with the girl.
      And, as always, great GIF use.

  • Reading these first two chapters of “Waiting for the Barbarians” were so difficult. It reminded me of reading the first few books of The Odyssey. The context of the story is unclear and the dialogue and more imp […]

    • Great GIF use in this post. The one from The Dictator (I think) is especially on point (he even has sunglasses on!). Very nice analysis of the Magistrate’s complicity in the crimes of the empire. He might not have been the one doing the beating, but he bears some of the guilt of what happened. I agree! His relationship with the girl is very confusing!

      P.S. Don’t worry. I was informed about what is going on. I hope you are feeling better!

  • The latter half of this graphic novel had my emotions scattered. Let me start of by saying reading this novel is not like a reading a book, but more like reading the subtitles off of a silent movie. In this […]

    • I was also shocked at Hero’s feelings towards seeing her brother. Imagine if suddenly all the men died and you hear that the only one to survive happened to be your brother. Killing him would definitely not be the first thing to cross my mind. Radical is definitely the best word to describe the Amazon’s. I find it interesting that you believe Victoria has had a very negative experience with men which is why she joined the Amazons. I too thought so when reading.

    • Let me just start by saying that I loved the visuals in your blog. You put them to excellent use.
      As you note, and Emily commented as well, Hero’s actions can be difficult to understand. But I think your observations about brainwashing do help to understand her behavior a bit. Victoria seems to be very good at manipulating the women who have been made desperate and vulnerable because of the gendercide. I agree that she is a completely hatable character.

  • Nicholas Araujo started the topic Blog Post in the forum Group logo of WritingWriting 1 week, 6 days ago

    The short story A Sorrowful Woman by Gail Godwin has various instances where traditional gender roles were opposed. The mother plays an opposite role from a traditional mother who is very caring towards her kids. However, in the story, the woman seems to dislike her kids very much. Not only does she plan an opposite role, but her husband does as…[Read more]

  • The first 130 pages of this graphic novel have been a whirlwind. It depicts a world consisting only of women, while all the males or Y chromosomes species have died out, except one man and one monkey. The world […]

    • Good discussion of the graphic novel. While reading your observations I was drawn to an interesting juxtaposition between the garbage girl and Amazons. As you note, in the one instance we have a character who has paid to have her breasts augmented; in the other, we have women who have removed one of their breasts. It might be interesting to consider the social significance of breasts in our society, and how they relate to femininity, objectification, and sexualization. What does the decision to alter breasts (in very different ways) say about these characters?

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