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Blog #2- Y The Last Man

Posted on July 13, 2017

Entering the second half the of the book I started looking for answers to the many questions that I had come up with from the first half of the book. Where will they decide to go? Will Yorick be happy with the decision? Will they even make it? My questions weren’t answered for a little while until Agent 355 complained about traveling across the whole country with pigs. I was pretty surprised that we didn’t see any sort of resistance from Yorick when finding out that California is there destination, and even Agent 355 because of her continuous desire to stay by the political leaders of the country. I have to say that I didn’t really expect them to make it all the way so I wasn’t at all surprised when the robbers busted in resulting in the group landing in Ohio. But, I was really surprised to see that Dr. Mann had landed safely and Agent 355 was the one who had gotten hurt, and pretty bad.

We also see Yorick being discovered and taken home by a woman. Later on we find out that her name is Sonia and she’s from Merrisville, the home of ex-convicts from the nearby penitentiary. The Amazons have managed to track down a lead and have made their way to Merrisville, where a few major things happen. First,Yorick discovers that Hero has been with the Amazons this whole time, and that she has been changed. After that confrontation, Victoria attempts to kill Yorick but is stopped by a flying axe thrown by Sonia herself. In response, she gets an arrow in the heart by Hero. This was kind of weird because until now, Hero has been a pretty terrible shot. Yet, that leads me to think that it was because she was still resilient to Victoria’s ways, and after their little talk, she became willing and that somehow increased her abilities. The last thing that is worth mentioning is the ending, where we find out that that crazy woman, who has been yelling about men in space, was actually right. I don’t know what to think about that just yet.


  1. Jessica Hautsch

    I really like your theory that Hero was a terrible shot because the was resisting Victoria. That is actually in keeping with a research that shows that human beings actually resist violence (only about 20% of soldiers actually fired their guns during WWII; that study caused the army to change its training to make people more efficient killers). I like to think that Hero presented herself as a terrible shot, until she was too broken to fully resist Victoria.


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