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  • Well, at the beginning of class when we separated into groups, and Nick had arrived, we had  a little of trouble deciding between about four of the literary pieces that we had read throughout the program. Now […]

    • The two stories you were thinking about are really in conversation with each other, and it does seem like your group was interested in the shared themes. I am so excited for the musical element of your skits. Looking forward to your performance!

  • As I started reading, I felt as if I walked into the middle of a conversation, so it took me a little while to get semi comfortable and familiar with what Williamson and Levene were talking and the situation that […]

    • Mamet does throw the reader into the conversation, which can be a little confusing, but I’m glad you figured it out. Mamet does have a very distinctive style of dialogue. We will talk about the the significance of the dialogue and what it reveals about the characters.

  • The second set of readings has moved the spotlight from racial tension to now cultural tension. In “Fish Cheeks” and “The Lone Ranger and Tonto Fistfight in Heaven” we see how the narrator’s lives are derived […]

    • Good job finding connections between these two readings. We don’t see the same kind of violence in this selection as we did in our readings for Tuesday, but the tensions and the harm they create are still present. You do a nice job of discussing Tan’s desire to assimilate and the challenges that Victor faces as he matures.

  • I really enjoyed reading Brent Staples’  “Black Men in Public Space” and Richard Wright’s “The Ethics of Living in Jim Crow” together because they both centered around the same concept, the concept of racism and h […]

  • The narrative by the magistrate in Waiting for the Barbarians”, to me, is very sporadic. He seems to always bring up different memories and experiences throughout the book, like when he talks about the hunting w […]

    • I like your analysis of the materiality of the book. Very interesting. What did you make of the art on the cover?
      Nice discussion of the magistrate and the girl’s relationship and the reasons why it changed during their journey.

  • Already coming in with the knowledge that Waiting for the Barbarians is an allegory, I began to ponder about similarities between the events, and structure ,of the society within the book and out. Getting to the […]

    • I love the connection that you make to 1984. The two novels do have a lot of thematic parallels, like their interest in government power, authoritarianism, and the truth (both have also become super politically relevant). Glad to see you also using some of the vocabulary that we went over in class. 🙂

  • Entering the second half the of the book I started looking for answers to the many questions that I had come up with from the first half of the book. Where will they decide to go? Will Yorick be happy with the […]

    • I really like your theory that Hero was a terrible shot because the was resisting Victoria. That is actually in keeping with a research that shows that human beings actually resist violence (only about 20% of soldiers actually fired their guns during WWII; that study caused the army to change its training to make people more efficient killers). I like to think that Hero presented herself as a terrible shot, until she was too broken to fully resist Victoria.

  • I have to admit, I was pretty excited about reading a graphic novel to start off our class, and I wasn’t disappointed. We’re first greeted by an interestingly-zombie-like shot of dead men on the floor, ind […]

    • Glad to hear that you are enjoying the story so far. Your observations about the chaos that the world has fallen into is very interesting. As we noted in class, while this does demonstrate the ways in which certain institutions in the world continue to be dominated by men, it also does render women weak and incompetent.
      The issue of survivor’s guilt does come up frequently in the graphic novel. Yorick, especially, seems to suffer from it.


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