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The First Draft is Not The Last!

Posted on February 12, 2019

I fully resonated with “Shitty First Draft”; after all, writing can definitely be a difficult, if not seemingly impossible task, when you haven’t got a clue where to begin. Once you get the ball rolling, however, writing can be effortless. For me personally, it takes a very long thought process to get myself into the mindset of writing. Even for this blog post, there is a period of time in which I know exactly what I plan to say, except I cannot seem to spell it out in words. In Murray’s “The Maker’s Eye,” it also shows how crucial it is to comprehend the concept of writings before you begin; the part where he claims writers must have a bit of an “ego” is understandable, since you have to be confident in what you are trying to convey. Both articles have convinced me that it is vital (and a part of the process) to go through multiple rough drafts; your first draft is not your last!

One tip for myself would be to continue to focus on the bigger picture; I love to connect my writing to my readers, but sometimes it is easy to get lost and lose track of connecting the more important message. Additionally, I have to work on what I mentioned earlier; I tend to obsess over my first draft, and it clearly is just the stepping stone to the finished product. Having a foundation and basis for your actual writing is very important. Finally, I want to improve my organization and structure of my writing, to make my piece flow as naturally as possible, similar to what Rose had accomplished. All of these tips are concepts or aspects of writing that I can easily succeed in, I just have to work on improving them.


  1. alberry

    i can fully resonate with your claim that writing is a hard task. it’s not for everyone, and if you don’t have a solid starting point there just seems to be no light at the end of the tunnel. One tip i would give you is to cut back on the semi-colons. Yes, they do show sophistication in writing but when used in the right amounts. with the quantity you used them it almost starts to take away from the point youre trying to make itself. However, overall i do agree and can relate to what you’re trying to say.


    I can definitely relate to perfectly knowing what to say but struggling to say it. Sometimes, I get so focused on what I want to say but then when I write it out, it is nothing like I wanted it to be. A tip that I have for doing this is to literally just write it out, even if the words make no sense and they do not flow together or just write single words that come to your head and see if you can string them together.

  3. nlundahl

    I tend to overthink what I am writing, so it also takes me awhile until I can get into a place where the words just flow from my brain to the page. The tips that you mentioned have been very useful for me in the past , especially focusing on the bigger picture and remembering that writing is a process.

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