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Blog Post #11

Posted on November 29, 2018

I recently visited the writing center to have my rhetorical analysis essay peer edited. My tutor had many good recommendations for me. One thing he pointed out was that my essay was written in the first person making it a little less informal. This wasn’t necessarily a problem he just said I should confirm that it is okay with my professor. Since my essay is about women in ultimate frisbee (something I’ve been doing for the last 5 years) I found it helpful to have someone who doesn’t know much about the sport read my essay. My editor was able to point out places where I need to clarify who someone was or how a certain rule works. One thing I will for sure be adding to my essay is statistics about other sports in comparison to ultimate. This will make it more understandable for the reader since ultimate is not a widely known sport. I was about 100 words short on the word count so after adding more information about other sports, more citations, and some more explanations I should be meet the word count.

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