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Blog Post #10

Posted on November 27, 2018

When researching about gender equity in the AUDL I was shocked by some of the information I found. One thing in particular that took me by surprise was when Jesse Shofner said that she doesn’t feel as though the AUDL is the highest level of ultimate frisbee. She feels as though club teams have a higher level of competition. Club teams also have women’s teams, mens teams, and mixed teams. I found it interesting that where female players are present Jesse feels there is a higher level of competition, hmm. Also I was looking into my high schools division and found it interesting that there are 3 mens (open) divisions and only 2 women’s divisions, but in the open division women are forced to play on a predominately all male team due to their high school not having a women team. I wonder if with all of the women playing in the open division we could add another women’s division.

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