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Blog Post #9

Posted on November 27, 2018

For my research topic I chose “Gender Equity in The AUDL”. The AUDL is The American Ultimate Disc League which is “the highest level of the sport” (not really). In the AUDL you don’t have to pay to play. But there is only 1 female player, Jesse Shofner. In my essay I talk about her role in the AUDL and about the lack of female role models in the ultimate community and the affects on youth players. I found this topic very enjoyable to write about about because I am so passionate but it was also very frustrating to learn some things about the sport I love. I am still having some problems finding sources that aren’t just ESPN or direct quotes from Jesse. Im hoping that when I go to my appointment at the writing center whoever is helping me with my essay has some advice on what source to utilize.

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