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blog post #6

Posted on November 20, 2018

For my rhetorical analysis essay I have chosen to write about Vongkiatkajorn’s article “Here’s How You Can Fight Back Against Disinformation”. She organizes her article by questions that a reader would commonly ask such as “what is disinformation” and “what can i do to combat misinformation and disinformation” making sure to answer questions people might have. She also makes it clear that this is more of a persuasive paper as she tries to persuade us to take action against this false information. From a 18 year old standpoint she seems as though she is not necessarily attacking but maybe “calling out” social media users since that is where most disinformation and misinformation is found. Vongkiatkajorn reminds me of an older adult who is frustrated by technology making it seem as though her audience is people who believe information they see on social media. I have written rhetorical analysis papers before in AP literature in high school so I am feeling more prepared for this paper than others.

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