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blog post #5

Posted on November 20, 2018

After reading Nussbaum’s essay “Beyond Anger” I was surprised by some of the points made. One thing in particular that surprised me was when she said “that the angry person wants some type of payback, and that this is a conceptual part of what anger is. In other words, if you don’t want some type of payback, your emotion is something else” I never really thought about anger in that way. Usually when I am angry I just think about how frustrating the situation is rather than how to get payback on the person or situation that has made me angry. At first this made me wonder that if whenI believe I am angry I am actually just frustrated since I am not looking for payback or revenge. After reading further I realized I do in fact wish for payback. For example, this past weekend I was at an ultimate frisbee tournament and I was fouled by my defender. Ultimate being a self officiated sport left me to call the foul. I simply called “foul. strip” meaning she took the disc out of my hands. She turned around and said “OH! I COMPLETELY disagree!” with a snarky attitude. This made me angry but I just kept my cool and threw the disc back to my teammate who had previously tried to throw it to me. The payback that I had wished for was since we were so close to the end zone that I would catch it in the end zone successfully (without her defending it). Even thought this isn’t an extreme type of payback but rather something minor, I still had wished this as payback. This paper made me think about anger in a different way and how to deal with anger differently.

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