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mountains to climb

Posted on December 5, 2017

It is finally December and to be honest, it is a pretty warm December. “GLOBAL WARMING!” they shout. But to be real with you, I hope this weather remains because I absolutely despise the cold weather. I mean seriously, am I the only one? When it is cold, I think it is the worst when the strong cold wind blows and then you cannot breathe for a couple seconds.

The seasons are changing and the leaves are falling and we all know that it is hard to adjust to such rapid change. How can we keep up with all these changes? I know for myself, all of these changes throw me off extremely. How can we keep up?


It only makes me think that we must be rooted deep in something, something that will hold us down no matter the circumstance we are in. I can only think, what is that thing that can embrace me and hold me even through the hardest points of my life, what can grab me and allow me to breathe as the strong winds blow?

Following that question, it makes me think if there is something that can hold us down as the season’s change, that means we must trust in it. That means we must believe in the fact that this something is strong enough to hold the train wrecks that we are. Is it possible that this thing can hold me down?

That thought also makes me think that this something is protecting us in a sense. If it is holding me down, that means it must care for me. I can possibly even love me. Imagine experiencing real love through this harsh world. How can it be that this thing that is protecting me and looking after me loves me?

The final thought that comes to mind is that through all of this something holding me down; allows me to breathe and find peace; this something in which I must trust in and believe in; this thing that protects and cares for me; this thing, we must allow it to. We must submit to it. We must give ourselves away and allow it to cater us.

To conclude, what is this something? I believe that we can all look up and reflect on our own hearts and know that we all have a need for something to hold us down, to take a hold of us because we know we cannot do it all on our own. What is this something and I am willing to accept this something?


  1. Jessica Hautsch

    I actually like the cold, so I was unhappy with how warm the fall was. It didn’t feel like we had much of an autumn. I like your discussion of needing anchors in our lives, no matter what form they take.

  2. Iveth

    I agree I really hope the weather stays like this. I don’t like the cold one bit. But to be honest its a little weird that the weather is still so nice meanwhile we’re already in December. I’m not complaining though lol.

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