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  • jedelacruz wrote a new post, Who? 3 months ago

    Act two does consists of something that is different from act one. Act one is introducing all of the characters itself and in act two, the characters are all joined together in a time of crisis. Someone has stolen […]

    • I am glad that our viewing of the film adaptation of the play gave you a better sense of the characters and their interactions. I hope that viewing the second Act today was also of help. We do see some new alliances and new antagonisms form in this second act. Your discussion of Levene was also interesting: he does come skipping in. He has a lot more to worry about than just the lack of leads though….

  • Reading through the play, it was more of a roller coaster for me. There were times where I did not know what specifically they were talking about. Topics ranged from stealing leads. What really are these bonds […]

    • I hope that our conversations last week about the play, and watching the film version, helped to clarify some of these points and reduced your confusion. Good analysis of the interaction between Levene and Williamson. In this play, it is important to consider who is doing the talking. Is Williamson actually listening, though?

  • Alright, from the jump I have to say this. Reading through Never Marry a Mexican by Sandra Cisneros was TOUGH. Throughout the whole reading, all I could think of is how advanced she is in her mind. From the looks […]

    • Good discussion of “Never Marry a Mexican.” Clemencia is a fascinating character. She is cunning and vindictive, but also, as you note, full of rage and pain. I think that we also need to question how reliable she is as a narrator. Can we trust that she is being candid with us about her motivations? You also do a nice job of looking at the problem of assimilation in “Fish Cheeks.”

  • I enjoyed The Ethics of Living Jim Crow: An Autobiographical Sketch by Richard Wright and Black Men in Public Space by Brent Staples. While reading through these two stories, I found a common theme that, in my […]

    • I like the connections that you make between these two pieces. They do both seem to be concerned with the how a man of color survives in a racially hostile world. I really like your observation about the powerful opening of Wright’s piece. It does seem to invite the reader to consider what his or her reaction would be.

  • Reading through chapter five, I was interested. The Magistrate is now a free man, free to roam wherever he desires and is enabled by Mandel to “go and die somewhere”. What I found very interested was that the Mag […]

    • Great job connecting the rumors about the barbarians to stereotypes and assumptions about people who have been Othered by society. That could be an interesting approach for your paper. Also, good observations Joll’s sunglasses. I like your analysis of it. Perhaps it could also mean Joll finally sees the barbarians in a way he hadn’t in the past.

  • jedelacruz wrote a new post, Magisrate! 5 months ago

    How can one person sustain so much emotional, mental and physical trauma? The Magistrate is a character who to me appears to be one of the most thought provoking ones in the novel of Waiting for the Barbarians. […]

    • Good observations about the way in which the magistrate is tortured. Although pain is inflicted on his body, his torture seems to be more focused on humiliation. Why do you think that is? Also, remember that we are very deeply in the Magistrate’s point of view, and he is not always the most reliable of narrators. For example, he claims that he is innocent as a baby; does that assertion check out?

  • The character that struck me the most during the reading was Hero. Hero is spontaneously introduced in the book as she is (as the term says), “getting it on” with the one who she thinks is the love of her lif […]

    • This blog does a great job of talking about the character of Hero. She is a complex and interesting character, and I like your analysis of her relationships, both with Joe and the Amazons. Your discussion about why she might have joined up with Victoria and her gang demonstrates a lot of insight.

  • What’s up with the title anyway? So many things happened the possibly couldn’t be done in one hour.

    During the first read, I’ll be honest I was super confused. I thought that this “fellow-creature” was her d […]

    • Believe it or not, the title is meant to suggest that an hour elapses between Louise Mallard learning of her husband’s death and his appearance on her door step. I agree that the description of the “new spring life” does seem a bit incongruent with the death described earlier in the story, but your analysis of what it suggests is right on. Also, I like that you are considering the role of gender in this story. What options did a woman like Louise Mallard have other than marriage?

  • It is finally December and to be honest, it is a pretty warm December. “GLOBAL WARMING!” they shout. But to be real with you, I hope this weather remains because I absolutely despise the cold weather. I mean ser […]

    • I actually like the cold, so I was unhappy with how warm the fall was. It didn’t feel like we had much of an autumn. I like your discussion of needing anchors in our lives, no matter what form they take.

    • I agree I really hope the weather stays like this. I don’t like the cold one bit. But to be honest its a little weird that the weather is still so nice meanwhile we’re already in December. I’m not complaining though lol.

  • Thanksgiving season is always an interesting one. Usually people become extremely thankful spontaneously, maybe it is just because of, again, the season. But I think I will take that back because deep down inside, […]

    • To be fair, turkey is really just a big chicken. And they are both delicious. I’m glad to hear that you had a nice Thanksgiving break with your family and friends and that you got to enjoy some of your mother’s home-cooked food.

  • You know, you truly never know what someone is going through. And that simple fact comes and punches you in the face.

    I went on a retreat this weekend, I can truly say it was a weekend of revival. I encountered […]

    • The tendency to judge others more harshly than we judge ourselves is actually a psychological phenomenon called the Fundamental Attribution Error. We tend to understand the external factors that contribute to our behavior, but attribute other people’s behavior to internal factors.
      I’m glad that you had a positive retreat and that you are returning to school refreshed.


    There is a vast amount of controversy surrounding the American Pitbull Terrier. This breed is restricted in many areas across the globe such as Germany, Denmark, Spain, Ireland, and the list can go on […]

  • Every morning, I look out the window and just glance at the trees for a while. Personally, trees just are amazing. How can something be created so perfectly? I glace at the trees every morning because of their […]

    • I love the GIF you included here. It is beautiful! And it fits your metaphor of the tree as a representation of human life. I especially like your observation that even through hardship (the winter loss of leaves), the tree continues to grow. That seems like an adapt description of the human experience.

  • What is the first thought that pops up in your mind as you wake up from a great eight hours? Is it silent? Is it filled with joy for a new day? Or is it filled with worries? Ask yourself right now this question, […]

  • Studying is amazing, I can tell you that much. Staying the weekend in Stony Brook University is a great experience as well. It is so much fun to stay in on a rainy Saturday and to see nobody outside, dead. You […]

    • Am I detecting just a little bit of verbal irony in this blog post? Studying all day isn’t much fun, but sometimes it is a necessity. I really like how you concluded your post by using the metaphor of the rain and the sun to talk about your soul. You might have to suffer through the rain of studying and loneliness, but that storm will pass and, hopefully, you’ll find some piece.

  • Questions that usually come to surface are usually these two:

    If there is a God out there, why does God allow hardships in the world?
    if God loves us so much, why does God continue to let us suffer?

    But […]

  • I am having a hard time writing this. The reason for that is because I do not enjoy giving myself praise nor receiving any. I do not like writing about all the things I do in my life. It is shouting, […]

    • I love your use of metaphor and figurative language in this blog post. It reads almost like poetry. Very cool! Also, don’t feel like you have to write about yourself in all of your blog posts. The beauty of these posts is that they can be about whatever you want them to be about.

  • Well this is supposed to be an introductory towards myself, right? I am utterly honored to have the opportunity to somewhat give you a glimpse of who I am, well I hope I’ve be able to deliver that. I will try my b […]


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