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The Story of an Hour-Review

Posted on January 23, 2018

This reading was intense, at first, I was engaged because they said she already had heart problems and she was about to receive some bad news. So, I’m thinking she’s going to die (I was low-key right) but then as it progressed I thought why is she all of a sudden going from a dead look in her eyes to her staring out the window looking at things like the birds chirping and etc. Then when she started to whisper I’m free I was like oh okay I get it at first, she was sad because her husband die, but she was happy because she could now live her best life. What was so good about this is the fact that at first you really feel sorry for her and you think this is so sad but then it’s like BOOM, she is about to be way happier than she was before. She is going to focus on self-love and I like that. Although this seemed like it would have a happy ending it took the biggest turn and I was shook to my core when the husband entered the home. He did not die he was not even by the railroad incident. So, what killed me is that she ended up dying from all the excitement but I am not really sure. Like it said she had a heart disease and that she died from joy basically and that was confusing for me to comprehend. Also, another confusing thing is the title. Why is it called the story of an hour? Did all these things happen within the hour of the news or did it take only an hour to write this. Who knows but it does seem like it would take some time to write something this good. I personally enjoyed it because it had a big plot twist and it kept me engaged. From the start to the end it always had some twist or something. This also reminds me of how many women probably feel in abusive relationships. Like many believe the only way they will be able to get out is through an unfortunate event such as death. It is sad and maybe the author is trying to bring awareness to this epidemic. Even though it doesn’t have a happy ending like most its very entertaining and realistic and it is something I am glad I read.


  1. Jessica Hautsch

    You do a nice job of tracing your affective reaction to this story. It’s short, but, as your post demonstrates, it’s an emotional rollercoaster. The ending is a bit confusing, and we will definitely talk about it in class. Also, I lean toward your first interpretation of the title: I think that the events of the story happen over the course of an hour. The original title of the story was actually “The Dream of an Hour.” Does that title change the way you read the story?

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