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  • My group did our skit based on the short story, “A story of an Hour”. I had a lot of fun working with my group partners. At first me and one of my partners had a disagreement about who should play the main […]

    • I’m glad that your group was able to work through their creative differences; that’s what collaboration is all about. Your skit was very funny–great job writing the dialogue. Thanks for another great semester!

  • The movie “Get Out” really was truly amazing, this was my second time watching it and it was even better than before. I never wanted to watch this movie when it first came out because I thought it was a horror mov […]

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    The book was very confusing from the beginning but the movie made it more understandable. For one I thought that Aaronow was the one who was going to take the leads from the office. So, it makes no sense why we […]

    • Good analysis of Roma and Levene’s interaction after Levene makes the Mountain View sale. It demonstrate just how competitive the sales world is. Roma was certainly not interested in working with Levene when Levene was on the bottom of the board, but now a partnership might serve Roma’s self-interest. Good analysis in the shift we see in Levene’s character; he does become incredibly arrogant after the sale, trying to exert power over Williamson, and that ultimately leads to his downfall.

  • These three readings were not my favorite but they were very enlightening and I felt something after reading all of them.


    The Garden Party reading was weird to me but I think I didn’t quite understand it […]

    • I think you are confusing the titles of “The Lesson” and “Standard of Living” in this post. But your discussion of “The Lesson” is very insightful. I like your point about the things that we take for granted and about how we could all probably spend a little less on ourselves and a little more on helping others. In “The Standard of Living,” the silver fox coat is deemed “common.” What is the connotation of that word? Why do you think that only Laura cared about the dead man? How firm is she in her convictions? What is the man’s relationship to the Sheridan family?

  • I really enjoyed these readings because of the humorous titles but also the message behind all of them.


    Indian Education was a little jarring to read at first but as I continued I realized that growing up […]

    • I understand your frustration with “Never Marry a Mexican,” and I hope that our class discussion will help to explain some of what the heck is going on with Clemencia. Good discussion of “Fish Cheeks” and “Indian Education.” You do a nice job of pulling out some of the themes in those pieces.

  • Most of these readings were enlightening but also quite sad. The reading Everyday use stood out to me the most. The fact that it reminded me of some of the struggles that an African American mother has to go […]

    • Good observations about these texts. One thread that we can trace through them, I think, is that it is dangerous to be of color in America. And this continues today. The racial profiling experienced by Staples and the police brutality experienced by Wright are not too far off from the experiences of people of color today. We have made progress as a country, but not nearly enough.

  • The ending of the book is so confusing to me, I think it has some underlying message. So, after the magistrate endures all of that torture we get fast forwarded to months past that day. I hated that because I […]

    • I understand your confusion at the end of the book . And why you see the magistrate as a “perv.” It is worth noting that his sex drive seems to be directly connected to how much power he has, which is interesting. As far as the ending of the barbarian plot, the title of the novel does warn us… we are going to be waiting for the barbarians.

  • I feel bad for the magistrate, in the beginning of the book I felt he was a good guy. Despite turning a blind eye to Jolls abusing, he did a lot of good things. Now we see him in chapter 3 and 4 and I feel so bad […]

    • Good discussion of the shift in the Magistrate’s relationship with the girl. Why do you think their relationship changed?
      The torture scenes are pretty brutal. We see the effects of the Othering that occurred earlier in the book: the barbarians are dehumanized and, so, they are treated like animals.

  • The second half of the book was complete trash, now let me explain why I think so. First, Yorick is falling in love with Sonia. The whole time he was doing the absolute most to find Beth, Beth this Beth that. Now […]

    • Okay woah there Jasmine, You is bugging my girl. It wasn’t that bad. You literally just took all the bad parts of it and talked about them but what you forgot to mention is the good aspects such as the fact that Victoria is dead and that nothing bad happened to 355. Imma have to disagree with some of what you said cause i feel like its those moments that make the book good.

    • Hero is a difficult character, and I don’t blame you for being angry with her. I do hope, though, that our conversations in class this week will help you to understand you. As for Yorick’s love life, I agree that the stuff with 355 does come a bit out of no where (though note that she says that she “wants” him, not that she “loves” him–a distinction that I think is important). I, too, wish they had kept Sonia alive–I really liked her. As for the astronauts… well some interesting things happen there, but I’m not going to spoil it for you.

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  • The last man was a book about a gendercide that happens and the entire male species is erased except for one man Yorick and his male Ampersand monkey. I found the gender topic in this book interesting, I have […]

    • Hero’s storyline is upsetting. During class next week, I want to spend some time discussing why she might have joined the Amazons. You do a nice job of discussing what this book is trying to say about gender inequality. Why do you think Vaughan is challenging ideas that women are pacifists? What is suggesting about gender stereotypes?

  • This reading was intense, at first, I was engaged because they said she already had heart problems and she was about to receive some bad news. So, I’m thinking she’s going to die (I was low-key right) but then as […]

    • You do a nice job of tracing your affective reaction to this story. It’s short, but, as your post demonstrates, it’s an emotional rollercoaster. The ending is a bit confusing, and we will definitely talk about it in class. Also, I lean toward your first interpretation of the title: I think that the events of the story happen over the course of an hour. The original title of the story was actually “The Dream of an Hour.” Does that title change the way you read the story?

  • This semester really needs to hurry up and end because I am truly over this whole first year already. I am already thinking of what I will do next semester to bring back my GPA from the dead. This year has taught […]

    • Sounds like you learned a lot this semester, not just the content of your classes, but how to be a student, which is one of the most valuable things you can take away from your first semester. Enjoy the break!

  • I cannot wait for this thanksgiving break; I’ve been so stressed for the past couple of weeks. Midterms back to back and then our finals coming up. I am going to use this break to detox all the stress I had, e […]

    • By the time we hit Thanksgiving, I think we all need a break! Unfortunately, it never seems to last long enough. Glad that you were able to spend some time catching up on sleep, relaxation, and family. (And that you had some good, home-cooked food!)

  • I’m definitely about to rant about all the midterms and major assignments I have due, this is crazy. I talked to my friends that go to other schools and they all say that they’ve only had one midterm so far. I was […]

    • Yikes! This does seem like a really difficult week for you. But it also seems like you have a plan for how to tackle studying for these exams. And we do have Thanksgiving coming up, thank goodness. I think that everyone could really use a break at this point in the semester.

  • The art piece I will be analyzing is on a painting that my best friend made for me. A little background on the painting, everyone out of my friends are in the city going to schools near each other except me. […]

  • I’m usually a happy person, so happy that I have even been given a nickname “happy” (I know it’s not that original). Lately though I have been having these feelings of overwhelming sadness. I think I’m starting […]

    • I am sorry to hear that you are having a hard time. Transitioning to college can be really challenging, but just do keep in mind that it was not a mistake that you were accepted here. You earned your place and you can do this. I am glad to hear that you have the support of your mother and grandmother. Keep in mind that there are also lots of resources on campus if you feel like you need someone to talk to. Not only do you have your EOP counselor, but there is also CAPS.

  • Homecoming is something special in college and I’ve managed to be the person to miss it. I have zero school spirit because I haven’t been to any football games, and I love football. The only reason I haven’t done […]

  • I have just entered hell aka Midterm week, I have already taken two Midterms and I’m over it. So far I already signed up for the retake of my math midterm because god and I both know I failed. I didn’t really int […]

    • It sounds like you learned a lot from your first midterms. One of the challenges of your first your in school is that you need to learn not only the material, but also how to be a student. It seems like your math midterms taught you some valuable lessons that you then applied to your psychology. Good luck on the rest of your exams!

  • I was nervously awaiting the Shuttle to take me to the LIRR so I can have my first trip back home. My roommates and friends have all gone home at least once and always questioned why I haven’t gone back yet. I d […]

    • The train can get super expensive, and sometimes it is best to stay on campus and study. I remember when I was an undergrad there would be weekends when my roommates would all go home, and I would be left alone to get my work done (they all lived much closer to campus than I). It would get lonely, but I was super productive. And when they got back to school, they would be stressed out because they didn’t get any work done. Home cooked meals, though, are definitely worth the trip home.

    • I can relate to your blog post 100000000% Finding the time to go back home is one of my biggest struggle right now. I was supposed to go last week, however decided not to because I had an exam on Tuesday. If I had gone home, I would have spent time with my friends and family instead of hitting my books. I wanted to go this week, however I have a midterm on Monday. Going home would mean not having time to study because of the distractions back home. One thing I also miss is home cooked meals. Fries, burgers, pizzas and frozen youguts are getting pretty annoying. I hope you have an amazing weekend!

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