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    Im not sure what to write about, i had great ideas over the week but i never wrote them down so here is a wild rampage of everything i was going to write about but cant fully remember, ENJOY!

    On day two […]

    • Great observation about Chiraq. The use of rhyming couplets also might be a reference to Aristophanes’ “Lysistrata,” which I believe was also written in rhyming verse in the original Greek. The fact that you take note of when the rhyme scheme is broken is also important. I am looking forward to reading your analysis.
      As a side note, I do hope that you do not find your eventual profession annoying. While every career has it downsides and its bad days, it is possible to do something that you love, something that won’t get old.

  • I have decided to analyse Spike lee’s Movie, Chiraq.  The movie takes place in southside chicago which has, for the longest, been one of the cities with the most black on black crime due to gang affiliation.  I […]

  • So im thinking of changing career paths. Instead of becoming a pediatrician, im thinking about becoming an fertility specialist.

    I am straying away from becoming a pediatrician because i started being honest […]

    • Part of being in school is figuring out what you want to do with your life–which can be incredibly daunting. I don’t blame you for coming to the realization that maybe you don’t want to be a pediatrician. If there is anything worse that kids, it’s sick kids. 🙂 It sounds like you’ve given a lot of thought to what you want to get out of your career and you’ve come to a conclusion that will be rewarding and will challenge you (in a good way).

  • I dont know why its so hard for me to make friends.  I’ve been bullied and fucked with for so long that i always think im being talked about, or unwanted.  Fortunately this weekend I got the best advice of my l […]


            Many moons ago, in the poverty stricken areas of bikini bottom, lived two young boys, Sheldon Plankton and Eugine krabs.  The two boys were best friends.  They played together, they laughed togeth […]

    • Ha! I love this fanfiction. At least they are using imitation crab meat. Spongebob would have been a much darker show if it turned out the whole town was eating crab meat. I know that most of them are not crabs, but still– we know that crabs are sentient beings in this world. 🙂 The whole thing would be very Soylent Green.

  • There is a certain beauty that children hold.  They yield the power to keep together two grown ass people who hate each other. The only species I know that are smart enough to manipulate their parents, and yet, […]

    • Ha ha! Kids can be manipulative little stinkers, can’t they. And they do have very selective comprehension, it seems like. My nieces are not quite that adept yet, but they have all of us wrapped around their little fingers.

  • I really love food.  I love cooking.  I love eating.  I love watching the food network.  My favorite shows are the worst cook in america and master chef.  Every time I watch an episode I swear that i’m the owne […]

    • “mucus-y stink-y slime-y nasty-y”: I love the way that you are playing with language here (even if I disagree about eggs—they are delish). I also love your imaginary dialogue as a way to explore the ways in which certain foods and cultures are privileged on those kinds of shows. Nicely done.

      • Thank you! i love your class because ive always been afraid to play wit creativity and subliminal writing because people read whats in front of them instead of analyzing. I love the room for creativity. And we can agree to disagree about eggs lol. I like the idea of them but i vomit when i eat them. Im a slave to my stomach. haha.

  • Introductions were never my strong suit.  I become a bit critical.  How am I supposed to tell someone all about myself if I don’t know them. Isn’t that an invasion of my privacy? Why does anyone care about who I a […]

    • I love NuWho, although I’m not up to date because I like to binge it, so I’m waiting for it to come up on streaming, but I’ve never watched the classic episodes. Obviously you loved them, though. (I’m almost glad their not on Netflix because I don’t have time to watch them now!). I am really impressed that you are dealing with college and the terrible two. How do you find time to sleep???

    • Lol same introductions are always hard to start. It’s like where do I start? It must be cool to come from a performing acts high school. I wish I didn’t have stage fright so I could be able to do that. Did you always love theatre or were you once afraid to stand on stage in front of hundreds or if not thousands of people? I’m happy that you kept going after you had your son. It’s rare to see teen moms continue school after having their babies. You’re a great example for other teen moms and for your son. I wish you the best 🙂


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