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My Grammatical Errors

Posted on December 3, 2018

There are many grammatical mistakes that I come across when it comes to reviving my drafts. Although I do not notice them as I am drafting, I would always find them when I begin to edit and revise. Some of the common revision mistakes that I make is not having a comma in a compound sentence, not knowing where to put the commas in a sentence, and using a specific word too many times.Whenever I describe something with multiple adjectives, I would always forget to put a comma right before the conjunction. For example in my profile essay I stated, “She is compassionate, giving and so much more than anyone can imagine.” In my example, I should have added a comma before the “and” so that the sentence would be grammatically correct. Although this is not a large grammatical error, it still makes a difference in how the audience reads that sentence. Whenever something is described using multiple adjectives, you just have to remember to add a comma beforehand. Another common mistake that I make would be not knowing where to put the commas. When I start drafting and I write out a long sentence, I would always be confused about where to place the commas. So in order to fix this, I would read my sentence out loud and where ever my breath would stop, I would place a comma there and see if it made sense. This is a simple mistake but it is important because it would affect how the audience would read your paper. Finally, I would use a specific word too many times. For example, in this blog, I used the words “I would” too many times. To be more accurate I used it seven times within this short blog. This demonstrates that I rely on the same words a lot and I need to expand my vocabulary so that the audience does not have to repeat the words over and over again. These are my most common errors that I need and will improve.

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