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Volume 2

Posted on February 6, 2018

The story get even better than I could have imagined. Victoria seems to have a way with people, especially females and the reason she is the way she is is never revealed to us. But it’s surprising to see all the women following her. I didn’t know whether the author id this on purpose to show that women were weak and followers, or even if man were under the same circumstance would be followers also. So when the author kills Victoria, I assumed that the author brought her in the story to bring the women together and was planning to get rid of her to show how the women would react. I personally didn’t know how to feel for Hero, I hated her because at the end of the day she put herself in the situation to be a killer. She wasn’t the only girl who lost people that day and you didn’t see those people going around killing everyone. Then, again Hero is her own person so she doesn’t react to things the same way that others do. However, killers do deserved to get punished because you should be willing to take your own life before you choose to take another person’s life. If her defense is that she didn’t know to what extreme Victoria was going. After Victoria had her kill the innocent girl, Hero could have tried to do her best to derail her. Instead, Hero continued to serve her as if nothing had taken place. Unless there is something we don’t know, I would say it is safe to say Hero is just as bad as Victoria. Victoria didn’t have a gadget that used some kind of mind control, she just spoke and women actually thought killing men was apart of god plan. That’s just insane and that why I agree with Yorick that they deserve to be locked up.

Yorick on the other hand is just way too stubborn. I know he means well, but he doesn’t listen to anyone other than himself. He actually makes you as the audience see the ego of males and how it’s hard to deal with. I almost feel for anyone trying to get him to listen to them because he’s so annoying. This shows somewhat of what women face. Women aren’t listened to because some men think that they’re always right and that’s problematic.


  1. Jessica Hautsch

    Hero is a very complicated character. I hope our conversation in class illuminated some different aspects of her character for you. I agree with you about Yorick’s personality flaws. He does seem to believe that he knows best (maybe because he’s a man?). It’s certainly something that 355 calls him out on.

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