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Ivan_SanchezAIM Blog Post #2

Posted on July 13, 2017

Ivan Sanchez

Just like everyone I was surprised at the ending. I’m not completely clear who the three characters are, but it’s very confusing how the two men are not dead. The ideology that the Amazons are basing the “gendercide” on is obviously wrong as there is more than 1 man alive. An instance where I got infuriated was in page 216 when Victoria degrades Yorick, “You made her what she is today, rapist, not I.” This struck a chord with me because I’ve seen videos online along with hearing females saying it to other males to insult them when the males are not attacking them verbally. Of course in this situation Yorick is insulting Victoria, but the word “rapist” really ticked me off. But I also have to acknowledge the fact that males degrade females by calling them “sluts”, “whores”, etc. But I also have to acknowledge the fact that a rapist is a fact while a slut is an objective term. The term is obviously degrading but the word “rapist” is completely effed up if the male or female is not one.


I assume that most people here mentioned Yorick and Hero, but I was really let down when Hero proved to be a traitor to her own family. I was really hoping she was going to prove me wrong, but she didn’t. She was going to let her brother die. The downfall scene in page 223 really connected to me because there we saw the downfall of two siblings. I’ve never reached a breaking point like that with my siblings and I would never turn my back on them. Family, especially my siblings are more important to me than anyone else. Sadly, Hero let herself go to the ideology of hateful females. She lost her foundation and as Yorick said she crossed the rubicon. I’m interested in seeing how the story will continue.


  1. Jessica Hautsch

    It is interesting that the novel puts us in the same position as Yorick: We are expecting Hero to turn out to be on his side, but she does seem to be completely brainwashed into hating her brother. She is a pretty tragic figure in all of this.
    Your point about the term rapist is important, because it shows that language, whether directed at men or women, is important. We need take care about the kinds of words that we use because they have the power to hurt.

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