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All About Me

Posted on August 30, 2017


I’m not really good at talking about myself. I find it weird having to tell another person about me when I don’t think I really know myself. I could always tell you the basic small talk questions like; What is my favorite color or What is my favorite food but that doesn’t really tell you much about who I am.

Well, I am Hussein, a seventeen-year-old Lebanese boy from Queens, New York, but most people can’t tell that at first look. I am a very social human being. I love to chill and be around other people. You would never in your life find me by myself. If you ever do find me by myself I’d be worried. I love to surround myself with people with great vibes. I’m always there for people and love to listen to anything people have to say. I happen to be very blunt and upfront with others but that’s how I feel it should be. Those who do stick around know that I’m pretty damn chill.

No funny though but if you ever want to start a conversation with me all you have to do is bring up the show “The Walking Dead.” That show is the bomb! When I tell you the show messes with my feelings, it really does. I can sit and talk to anybody about this show for hours. I met the greatest person in the world because of this show. We sit and watch the show together every time it comes on. We legit sometimes sit and binge watches the show for almost a whole night and orders some food.

When I’m not chilling with friends or watching “The Walking Dead”, I am most likely playing video games. PlayStation for life! I’m constantly playing Call of Duty, especially zombies. I really don’t know what my obsessions with zombies are but I can tell you it is way better than campaign mode. I feel like the zombies’ part alone is way more action than the actual story line. Plus, there are perks you get to play online with people all across and help survive between each level. Zombies really start getting wild as the levels increase and bring up the adrenaline.

If I have to end this I’m going to end this right. The most important thing to note about me is that I love food. I think the food is the best creation there is. I can bond with anybody who appreciates food as much as I do. That’s one of my favorite things to do when I go out, just go grab a bite to eat and chill.



    Hussein, reading through your blog post kinda reminded me of me, along the lines of talking about TV shows like the walking dead. The same for playing video games, however when it comes to socializing I don’t usually approach an engagement bluntly. I think before I speak a lot to make sure anything I say isn’t inappropriate. However, that is your character and I will not tell you to change otherwise. Overall, I think that we share a lot of the same views.

  2. Collins.K

    Hussein, I enjoyed reading your work. I found it interesting how you started off by saying, “I’m not really good at talking about myself,” then you go on to write a great piece that shows not only who you are, but also things you are interested in. I think it goes to show that you are comfortable talking yourself and you should stop thinking otherwise.

  3. brsantos

    I’ve never gotten any blood taken so I was very interested when I read the topic sentence. The title was a bit dramatic and I agree with everyone that is indeed fire. I think if I did get my blood drawn I would also think about video games. Nice blog.

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