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A Good Researched Argumentative Essay

Posted on November 12, 2018

An argumentative essay requires that the writer create a dispute about an idea. They are supposed to support a particular point of view. Additionally, they should use primary and secondary sources to provide evidence. The essay becomes effective when the reader can understand the viewpoint of the writer. Therefore, when writing this type of article, it is essential to find a good topic which can have at least two different angles. The writer shapes the essay by explaining why his or her belief is coherent and practical. He or she provides evidence for or against the topic. Hence, in a good argumentative essay, writers should pick a side and support their thoughts with substantial information.

Before writing the essay, one has to evaluate the topic and establish the strongest arguments for both sides. Each idea should have enough evidence which provides clear examples and facts. For instance, one may use previous research works or interviews to give statistics on the topic. Once the writer has concrete information, he or she should begin crafting the article which should comprise of three parts: the introduction, body, and conclusion. The introduction familiarizes the audience on the topic. Additionally, it gives slight background information and concludes with a robust arguable thesis statement.

The body section discusses the specific parts of the argument. An author should be able to provide the strong points which support their point of view. Additionally, in the body segment, the writer needs to present their perspective through evidence. Moreover, the paragraphs in this division should begin with convincing topic sentences which are supported by facts that aim at explaining the thesis. Lastly, the conclusion should be definite. It should summarize the writer’s perspectives by asserting the facts provided and leave no room for doubt in the readers’ mind.

In general, an argumentative essay is useful in expounding a topic that has different perspectives. An excellent article will show the different points of view available. However, it will persuade the reader to agree with the writer’s thoughts. Lastly, it will convince the audience that the ideas of the author are correct.

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