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“Everything Changes…” by Janice Walker

Posted on November 12, 2018

Janice Walker analyzes the process of citing sources in accordance with different styles. The beginning of the essay indicates that the rules of citation change from year to year, and it is crucial to know the source, from which information comes from. It is the first useful statement, which Janice Walker makes to help the readers in their future academic writing.

The author of the essay touches on the importance of the usage of different styles for specific disciplines. The different disciplines imply different citation elements for promotion of the exchange of necessary information. She emphasizes the significance of taking into account the indispensable elements, which ensure the adequate citation of any work.

These elements include author, title, edition/version, publication, and access information. Janice Walker states that every writer should check whether an article or page has an author. She adds, “the purpose of title information is to help a reasonable person locate the same information you are citing by providing the most explicit information possible” (Walker 266). This is the second thing, which will help every person in the future writing.

Every writer should include information on an edition or version of a book for assisting the reader in locating the same information. The author of the essay adds that having publication and access information will “allow the reader to locate the specific file or source from that main page” (Walker 266). The statement formulates the third aspect, which will provide a writer with assistance in further academic writing.

She explains several advantages and disadvantages of various styles to the readers. She states that she has decided to stick to the formats from the sixth edition of the MLA Handbook and follow the second edition of the Columbia Guide to Online Style for electronic source. She decides to cite the sources in accordance with these guides instead of “including the silly information about the medium of publication that the new edition requires” (Walker 267). Her piece of advice is the fourth secret, which will make the process of writing understandable and amusing.

The author of the essay concludes that no right universal method of citation exists, which may help the readers cite all the sources quickly and without effort. Walker emphasizes that the “key is to provide sufficient information for a reasonable and informed reader to re-locate the same source of information” (269). Her fifth recommendation is the quintessential aspect of the citation process for all the writers.            

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