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  • FRGONZALEZBO posted an update in the group Group logo of WRT 200.30 Summer 2018WRT 200.30 Summer 2018 9 minutes ago

    Age and Perspective
    By Francisco Gonzalez Bonilla

    Getting older changes one’s perspective about what is really important in life. In his short story, A Clean, Well-Lighted Place (1933), Ernest Hemingway uses contrasting sentence types to highlight how people see life differently depending on what stage of their lives they are in. The text is o…[Read more]

  • FRGONZALEZBO posted an update in the group Group logo of WRT 200.30 Summer 2018WRT 200.30 Summer 2018 1 month ago

    Brevity and Style: Why Simple Writing Is Not So Simple
    Francisco Gonzalez Bonilla

    Is short the “new black?” Are we becoming simpler writers? This is what I was wondering after finishing reading the Brevity and Style essay. Starting with a brief introduction, the essay is organized in four sections: Natural Style, Style and Sentence Length, Sim…[Read more]

    • Hi,
      I really enjoyed your analysis of the authors self contradiction and how he really shows no clear expression of the side he chooses. I think that this may have been done on purpose, as the author wanted to state a side, while offering the reader the other viewpoint at the same point, and leaving the reader to decide. I was wondering if you…[Read more]

      • Hi Justin! Thank you for your comments. I think you may be right that the author is contradicting himself on purpose. To answer your question, I liked some aspects of this essay. I was a little frustrated that it was so open and didn’t have a clear position, but after reading your comment and David’s comment below I can appreciate this author’s…[Read more]

    • Hi, I really liked how your essay was short and concise about what you were reading and the authors stance on the topic. When I read through it, it also seemed like the author was leaning towards shorter sentences but he kept writing long sentences way over the cap of the preferred 20 words. I don’t know if you noticed but his last sentence in…[Read more]

      • Hi David! Thank you very much for your input. I didn’t even count the last sentence in the conclusion. Good observation!

    • Hi,

      I found that your points were expressed in a very concise and organized manner, from what you made of the article leading to the contradiction of the author’s own words. When I read his essay the first time, I could not find Baron’s argument in his essay because he was presenting many different takes on what the word “natural” means in…[Read more]

      • Hi Ruchy! Thank you for your thoughtful response. I like what you said about simple writing not necessarily being simple or easy to do. I’m an artist and your point reminds me of how it takes a lot of training and skill to be able to communicate a lot in a simple piece of artwork.

    • Hi Francisco,

      I read the same essay and I completely agree with your critique. His essay was too open-ended to be enjoyable, and I agree that he does not help a reader to form their own conclusions. It’s interesting that you bring up the sentence length and how it is hypocritical that he gave quantifiable data on preferred sentence length and…[Read more]

      • Hi and thank you for your critique! I understand why you think the scientific part of this essay may be boring. However, you’re right that it is necessary for the author to support his claims, or he would not be credible to his readers.


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