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    “Let’s go, Dad,” I whispered hurriedly in my father’s ear before turning to his face and realizing that, to my horror, the man who I had previously thought cried at nothing, had shed a tear. […]

    • Eva, this is a beautiful memoir. I especially like the contrast between community and the individual–and how both the memory of the community and of your grandmother standing against conformity when she needed to effect a change shaped your father’s story. And then, he passes the story down to you, and it becomes yours, and you’ll probably pass it down to your family or students someday. I think all the best examples of moral behavior come through anecdotes like this.

    • Eva, I really enjoyed your blog post. Thanks for sharing this. Your story very effectively illustrates desire/tendency to romanticize people/places/histories because that creates more comfortable narratives about who we are and where we came from. Your anaphoric use of the phrase “in Ecuador” demonstrates this urge. But as your post shows, things and people are rarely that simple.

    • What a great essay, Eva. It unfolds and becomes more complex with each new paragraph. There are so many sentences to admire: “Suddenly I immersed myself in what felt like a country full of grandmas.” And what I love is how the grandmother figure becomes the moral center of the country. My thinking is that this figure–the righteous older woman–is a frequently evoked when talking about a society’s injustices. I bet there’s a thesis, dissertation, or book in this! Thanks so much for sharing your story, Eva.

    • Thanks for sharing such a thoughtful, excellent essay!

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