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Sponsors of Literacy are the ones we hold closest to us.

Posted on February 12, 2019

Brandt’s concept of a literary sponsor is a person or someway of learning that helps you shape the way you read, or more importantly, the way you interpret information. A literary sponsor also guides the search of your own sense of style and voice. These sponsors have an extreme influence over the way we write and the way we analyze every piece of literature we come across. According to Brandt, not only does a sponsor help shape the mind of the sponsored, but they shape them in a way that allows them to “gain advantage by it in some way” (Brandt 166). This so-called “advantage” can mean very different things to every person and that alone helps create so much variety in everyone’s writing.

In my own life, I see my parents as my largest sponsors. I know
that my mom was my first sponsor because she told me that ever since I was a
new born baby she only spoke to me in Spanish and I know that she did because I
still just know Spanish, yet I have no recollection of ever learning it until I
started taking classes in 9th grade where I just slacked off and did
fine. In my own mind, I think in Spanish when I speak Spanish, and in English
when I speak English. I find myself speaking in Spanglish sometimes just because
the way I want to describe something works perfectly in Spanish and not in
English or vice versa. As my first sponsor, my mom taught me this skill so that
she could give me an advantage in my life by starting off by not only knowing
one, but two languages.

Based on Brandt’s loose definition of who a sponsor could be, she listed many people who are in power and who would ordinarily already receive respect from most people in a community. In terms of sponsorship, a priest would have a much different agenda teaching a class about the bible than a history professor. The priest would read through and teach the texts in the way that they were meant to be read, he would spread the word of the bible believingits contexts to be the guide to how to live life and try to make you interpret thewords in the bible as gods word while a professor may just be discussing thetrue origin of the bible and the of the many stories that the bible contains.Brandt’s concept of a sponsor is someone who can manipulate the way we thinkabout any specific thing.


  1. manika

    I agree, a sponsor has a lot influence over a person, he/she is sponsoring. That influence prevents us from thinking differently.

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