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Blog Post 11 (Devin O’Leary)

Posted on November 22, 2018

For my research paper I am writing about gun violence and protecting the second amendment. I found six sources to help me write this research assignment. Two of which are peer reviewed sources. I used six total sources while writing my research paper, only using one of them to support the counterclaim to my argument. I did run into a problem trying to finding enough sources in order to write my essay. In order to fix my problem I used the library databases in order to find my two different peer reviewed sources. Each of these respective sources being about , “the truth of the second amendment in our world today” and how the second amendment ,” could be becoming irrelevant in our current society”. Both of these sources add much needed information to my argument. Most of my other sources come from news websites and articles on current issues involving my topic. These all add to my argument by showing how relevant this issue is in our society today. After I finished writing my research paper I first started to organize my works cited page. Making sure each of my sources was in the MLA format as instructed by the assignment guidelines. Then also putting each of my sources into alphabetical order and putting this works cited page at the bottom of my paper on its own page. After these two steps I could begin to write my annotated bibliography. For this part of the assignment I took my works cited page and made a separate document. From there I described what each of the sources was used for in my essay and how they add to the argument I was trying to make in my paper. Once I finished all of these steps I did realize that I did not cite a few of my sources throughout my research essay. I went back through my paper and found each of the quotes that I had used. I then went back into my sources and found the correct names in order to cite them in my essay. I put the first word from my works cited page for each of the respective sources in parentheses with a page or line number in order to correctly cite each of my quotations from my sources.

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