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Blog Post 1 (Devin O’Leary)

Posted on September 3, 2018

In the article,  “The Case Against Grades” by Alfie Kohn it is stated multiple times that grades should be removed from the school system in order for students to have more interest in their work. While this idea has a good premise it is just not possible for it to be put into action. I personally do no think grades should be removed from schools for multiple reasons. For instance if there were no grades how would anyone be able to tell the difference between a student that put in 100% effort vs the one that puts in 10%. Grades are in our schools in order to show the amount of work that students put in. If someone wants a good grade on a test they will study hard in order to achieve their goal. This idea of ridding the school system entirely of grades only feeds into the idea that younger generations are, “soft” or “entitled” . It is things and ideas such as this that classify our generation as the, “participation trophy generation”. Although the idea may have some positive effects on students I believe the grading system has worked well so far so as the saying goes, “If it isn’t broken, don’t fix it”.


  1. Melanie Intriago

    I agree that grades should not be removed from the school system because schools who are large in size are going to be unable to have conferences with students to substitute grades. In addition, I agree with the point that in our generation eliminating grades would just serve as a “participation trophy” because no one is being accurately assessed on an individual basis with an actual numerical grade; students are just simply completing a task. Lastly, I believe that some of the positive effects that may come with having no grades can be achieved through alternative assignments such as blogging! It is a great way to continue challenging students but also enhancing the creativity of each student.

  2. daestrella

    I agree 100% with this statement, competition breeds success. Without grading, everyone would be laid back and do the bare minimum to receive the same credit as a scholar who might be actually studying and working hard.

  3. siywei

    Grade is important. Also I think your opinion is great. But I don’t think grade can hundred percents judge a person’s effort. Efforts is important, but it isn’t show the whole grade that a person made. And also, I don’t think grade is just academic grade. School should focus on different way. Such as sports, art. Different people have different strength.

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