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Genome editing and the real world

Posted on November 19, 2018

Let’s say you have an event your looking forward too, whether that be, grading papers, reading blogs or getting a medal for being an amazing teacher, there is one thing that ruins all these events, getting sick. Few things are worse than being extremely sick and having your whole life shutdown because some microscopic thing has infected your entire body. You can try seeing the doctor but all they do is tell you to take basic cough medicine or eating soup. It’s a tragic scenario, however that doesn’t mean it has to be like that forever. After doing my research essay, I have been entranced with the possibilities of genome editing. The possibility that getting infected with a virus could be solved by a quick visit to the doctor before you got sick and then the distribution of a pill that simply fixes your DNA. Although we are far from this it’s a possibility. The next step in medicine is to move to genetic editing, and as I discussed in my paper, the thing that is stopping it is ethical concerns. The process of the research essay was much more valuable than I expected. Especially over the holiday breaks where I will be forced to talk about school and topics that I’m on break from. The research process has allowed me to create a structured argument that is supported by evidence that allows me to be a productive member in society. I believe that this process is important for many to do because it allows you to take a stance and shape an argument on a controversial issue which has the most real world applications than any other class that I have had in college.

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